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Luyện thi Anh văn chứng chỉ A-B-C (60 Test)

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Tài liệu Luyện thi Anh văn chứng chỉ A-B-C (60 Test) - tài liệu, sách iDoc.VnLuyện thi Anh văn chứng chỉ A-B-C (60 Test)
I. Pronunciation:
1. a. country b. fun c. summer d. truth
--> d
2. a. trouble b. flu c. tooth d. shoe
--> a
3. a. heart b. turn c. early d. third
--> a
4. a. song b. one c. long d. gone
--> b
5. a. fork b. fall c. wrong d. caught
--> c
6. a. full b. push c. but d. put
--> c
7. a. deal b. heal c. stealth d. steal
--> c
II. Find the mistakes:
8. At present, I am a student at the Local Technical College, which I am studying
English part-time.
a. at
b. which
c. am studying
d. English part-time
9. One of the girl who worked in that company died.
a. the girl
b. who
c. worked
d. died
10. This lesson is such long that I have written it for 30 minutes.
a. is
b. such
c. that
d. have written
III. Grammar and vocabulary:
11. I read in the newspaper that there has just been a ............. against the
government in Transylvania.
a. relevant
b. revolting
c. revolution
d. revolver
--> c
12. You have to be rich to send your child to a private school because the fees
are .................
a. astronomical
b. aeronautical
c. astrological
d. atmospherical
--> a
13. Does that newspaper ............. the government or oppose it?
a. advantage
b. assist
c. encourage
d. support
--> d
14. It’s distressing to see small children ............ in the streets.
a. pleading
b. imploring
c. begging
d. entreating
--> c
15. You’ll get a free month’s subscription ............. you renew your membership
by the end of January.
a. unless
b. however
c. were
d. provided
--> d
16. Most of my friends are ............ reporters.
a. newspapers
b. newspaper
c. newspaper’s
d. newspapers’
--> b
17. The electorate will not easily forgive the government for failing to fulfill
its .............…….
a. promises
b. vows
c. aspirations
d. offers
--> a
18. Mark Twain is a famous American ....................
a. physicist
b. poet
c. chemist
d. writer
19. The ship broke .............. and the people were drowned.
a. out
b. out of the sea
c. into pieces
d. to pieces
--> c
20. .................. I have a car, I prefer to travel by train.
a. In spite of
b. Despite
c. Because
d. Although
21. My brother sang ..............of all the pupils of the group.
a. more beautifully
b. the most beautifully
c. less beautifully
d. most beautifully
--> b
22. I wish he ............ change his minds so often!
a. shouldn’t
b. wouldn’t
c. mightn’t
d. couldn’t
--> b
23. Doctors advise people being deficient ............ Vitamin C to eat more fruit and
a. in
b. of
c. from
d. for
--> a
24. Because I am terrified of ............. spaces, I never go in lifts.
a. contained
b. compressed
c. constricted
d. confined
--> d
25. In a four-hour operation, surgeons managed to sew the girl’s .......... hand
back on.
a. cut
b. grazed
c. crushed
d. severed
--> d
26. Even though I hadn’t spoken English for many years, I picked it .......... again
after a few weeks.
Luyện thi Anh văn chứng chỉ A-B-C (60 Test)
Luyện thi Anh văn chứng chỉ A-B-C (60 Test)
Chia sẻ bởi
Lượt xem: 27044     Tải về: 541     Lượt mua: 8    
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