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Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 1: FRIENDSHIP-SPEAKING

- 12/04/2012
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Thành viên idoc2012

Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 1: FRIENDSHIP-SPEAKING

- 12/04/2012
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Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11 chuẩn rất có ích cho các bậc phụ huynh, giáo viên và các em học sinh tham khảo

Nội dung


Period:3 B- SPEAKING

I. Objectives: By the end of the lesson , ps will be able to:

- describe physical characteristic and personalities of a


- talk about the famous friend

II. Language focus

*Vocabulary :oval, straight, ponytail, curly, quick-witted ,crooked,

good -natured

*Grammar: the simple present, Wh-question

*Skills: 4 skills, especially : speaking

III. Method and teaching aids:

-Communicative approach

-Textbook, picturescards, poster

* Techniques

Role -play, ask and answer, matching , describing

* Anticipated problems:

Ss may not have enough vocabulary to talk about the topic, so T

should be ready to provide help.

IV. Procedures:

A. Warm up: and check-up (5 minutes)

-T calls one or two sts to go to bb and answer the qs

1.Which qualities are mentioned in the reading text to be a good


2.Do you have many friends?

3.Do you have any closed friend ?How is she or he like?



Pre-speaking (8 minutes)

T divides the class into small

groups of 3 or 4 students. Asks ss

to match the right questions to the

right answers

-T gives handouts to sts

These are the questions to describe

physical characteristic of a person

T asks them to read Useful

language on page 16. T may ask if

Ss know the meanings of the

adjectives provided.

T elicits or teaches some words:

*Vocabulary: useful language:

- height: tall, medium, short, rather

short, too tall

- Face: square, large, oval, round,


-sts work in goups and choose the

qs with the ans

1.What is she like? a.. She is


2.what does she look like? b.

Pretty and easy-going

3.How is she? c.tall and


- Skin: white, pale, suntanned (r¸m

n¾ng), greasy skin (da nhên)

General appearance: beautiful

long high,

- Forehead: broad, high, low

- Nose:straight, long, flat, crooked

(kho»m), turned-up (hếch), big,

small, flat (tẹt)

- Hair: black, grey, thin, long,

wavy, brown, bald

- Eyes: green, blue, brown, gray

- Mouth: heart-shaped, wide, thin,


- Chin: pointed chin, double chin

While-speaking (24 minutes)

1. Task 1:

- Asks ss to look at the picture and


How many people are there in the


(women), handsome (men), pretty

(women / girls), good-looking (men

and women), plain (b×nh th­êng)

attractive, well-dressed,

Age: She was in her late teens (18,

19 tuæi) / he was in his early

twenties (21 - 23 tuæi) / she was

about thirty years old / a middle-

aged woman / a man in his sixties

(kho¶ng 60 tuæi)

-Characters: easy-going (v« t­),

friendly, hard-working, honest,

kind, patient, intelligent, polite,

sincere (ch©n thµnh), sympathy.

Can you guess the age of each


Now let describe their physical


Calls some Ss to present their


T checks and gives the feedback

Ss to work in pairs to describe the

people in the picture

-sts: report to the whole class

Suggested answers:

1. The boy is about 16 years old. He

may be shortsighted because he’s a

wearing a pair of glasses. He has

short black hair, a round face with

a broad forehead, a small nose, thin

lips and a small chin. He’s quite


2. The girl is about 14. She’s also

wearing a pair of glasses. She has

shoulder-length black hair, and

she’s wearing a ribbon. She has an

oval face with a straight nose, full

lips and a pointed chin. She’s quite

2.Task2: Asks ss to discuss and

number the personalities in order

of importance in friendship and


3. The man is in his forties. He’s

tall and well-built. He has short

brown hair and a square face with

a broad forehead, small eyes, a

crooked nose and thin lips. He‘s

quite good-looking.

4. The woman is in her twenties.

She’s quite tall and slim. She has

long curly brown hair and an oval

face with broad forehead, big eyes,

a straight nose, heart-shaped lips

and a small chin. She’s very


Discuss and number the following

personnalities in order of

importance in a friendship.Report

then report the results.

Caring(chu ®¸o),

hospitable(hiÕu kh¸ch),

modest(khiªm tèn), sincere,

generous(réng l­îng), helpful,

understanding, pleasant, honest

*Describe one of your person in

your classmates(guessing game)

Post-speaking (6 minutes)

3. Task3: (Role -play)

-T goes through the useful

language on page 17

*Useful language:

+ His or her personalities:

Friendly, humorous, quick-witted,

good-matured, helpful, honest,

pleasant, caring,

the result to the class:

Ex: I think , understanding is the

most important personality

beacause it makes people mare

believe in the life

-Ex: She is beautiful girl, she is

very genlte and honest…..

-ss work in groups to make

questions or facts about a famous

friend , based on the suggestions in

the text book

- ss role play

*making questions:

1.What is his/her name?Could you

tell me his name?

2.what is his date of birth?when

+ How is or she won the price

Studious, intelligent, keenly

interested in Mathematics, eager to

learn, patient, calm

T elicits feedback from the class

and gives final comments

Assign homework

was he born?

3.what is he like?what does he look


4.what is his hobby?what does he

do in his spare time?-

-Why is he interested in Math?

-How long does it take him to study


-How much time does he spend on

Math everyday?

-What made him so successful?

Home work: (2 minutes)

-Write a short paragraph about your

(famous )friend

-Prepare Listening

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