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Tài liệu Đề thi TOEIC ( Reading) - tài liệu, sách iDoc.VnĐây là đề thi TOEIC cùa nam 2009 của Hàn Quốc. Ai cần đáp án thì để lại mail cho mình
정기토 예상문제2009 6 (래문제들 저작권 데이빗 강사에 있습니다.)
데이빗 전문강By TOEIC
101. For any serious problem, Tax Advice Center's experts
will evaluate your issue and give you a custom -----
resolution plan.
(A) tailor
(B) tailoring
(C) tailors
(D) tailored
102. It is the reader's ----- to ensure that loans are renewed
or returned on time.
(A) reminder
(B) review
(C) response
(D) responsibility
103. Before serving your next meal, ----- our checklist to
make sure you're taking the necessary precautions to keep
you and your family safe.
(A) confer
(B) refer
(C) consult
(D) contact
104. The numbers surveyed show that corporate leaders are
more ----- than political leaders when it comes to labor
(A) enlightens
(B) enlightening
(C) enlightened
(D) enlightenment
105. Because the client defaulted on his installment
agreement payments, the IRS was threatening to ----- his
business revenue.
(A) catch
(B) seize
(C) capture
(D) forfeit
106. The surest way to generate a large number of highly
innovative ideas is to focus -----.
(A) narrowly
(B) shortly
(C) yet
(D) recently
107. ----- that he was passed over for the promotion, Mike
felt disappointed a lot.
(A) Notified
(B) Heard
(C) Noticed
(D) Spoken
108. Broadband Internet has become a ----- in the metro
regions; but it is yet to gain popularity in the other parts of
the country.
(A) necessary
(B) necessarily
(C) necessitate
(D) necessity
109. Make your company look great on many levels through
ads in multiple media and printed promotional -----.
(A) sessions
(B) materials
(C) experiences
(D) positions
110. There are many routes to the coast and most of -----
are through very sparsely populated areas.
(A) whom
(B) themselves
(C) them
(D) which
111. It is apparent that improvements in transport have
the greatest impact on poor people when other sectors are
also adequately in -----.
(A) placement
(B) places
(C) place
(D) the place
112. There are many library catalogs and other databases
that are ----- available at no cost.
(A) public,
(B) publicly
(C) publication
(D) publish
113. The kind of wide ----- ideas that often result are also
often irrelevant to the task at hand and are less actionable.
(A) ranger
(B) ranged
(C) ranging
(D) range
114. If you are suspended from the university, you must
return any borrowed books -----.
(A) immediate
(B) immediately
(C) immediateness
(D) by immediate
정기토 예상문제2009 6 (래문제들 저작권 데이빗 강사에 있습니다.)
데이빗 전문강By TOEIC
115. The Human Rights Campaign released a report -----
that 253 of the country's 500 largest public companies now
offer health coverage to the gay and lesbian employees.
(A) show
(B) showed
(C) showing
(D) shown
116. The park service will hold ----- meeting on the Gaviota
study from 7 to 9 p.m. today at the Solvang Veterans
Memorial Building.
(A) another
(B) other
(C) others
(D) one another
117. Full service ad agencies can relieve some of your
marketing burden, leaving more time to ----- to other vital
(A) attend
(B) reply
(C) depend
(D) spend
118. The web tools help you do your small business more
efficiently by ----- your finances and bringing you closer to
customers and staff.
(A) entitling
(B) earning
(C) borrowing
(D) streamlining
119. When contacting prospective agencies, ----- a portfolio,
review the agency's Web site, and examine their work for
other clients.
(A) request
(B) requests
(C) requested
(D) requesting
120. We, a business consulting firm, advise you to expand
or optimize your international business and growth plans
in order to achieve high-quality and ----- results.
(A) comparative
(B) tangible
(C) tentative
(D) pleased
121. The ideas departmental managers presented ----- just
skimmed the surface of an issue and were less innovative
in nature.
(A) quickly
(B) leniently
(C) generously
(D) generally
122. Mal Meninga seems increasingly unlikely to be ----- the
new Australia coach for next autumn's Four Nations series
in England and France.
(A) appointing
(B) appointed
(C) appointment
(D) appoint
123. They have a plan to make public the details of illegal
real estate speculation deals ----- high-ranking office holders
by the end of this month.
(A) to
(B) on
(C) by
(D) at
124. If you are using a library catalogue terminal, you will
see the main menu ----- immediately.
(A) displayed
(B) displaying
(C) displayer
(D) displays
125. Rapid weight gain ----- the first six months of infancy
appears to increase the chances that a child will be obese
by age 3.
(A) When
(B) At
(C) Until
(D) During
126. Toyota Motor and the University of Tokyo have jointly
developed a prototype robot named “AR” ----- of handling
household chores.
(A) possible
(B) considerable
(C) satisfied
(D) capable
127. You will need to ----- all outstanding charges at the
beginning of each semester so that your library account
may not be blocked.
(A) clean
(B) claim
(C) clear
(D) create
128. The temporary workers ----- about the closure of the
company before the announcement was made public.
(A) know
(B) known
(C) knew
(D) have known
정기토 예상문제2009 6 (래문제들 저작권 데이빗 강사에 있습니다.)
데이빗 전문강By TOEIC
129. I am incredibly ----- of your very generous resolution to
the issue of receiving damaged merchandise even though
the fault was not yours.
(A) appreciative
(B) appreciate
(C) appreciating
(D) appreciation
130. If you incur fines for ----- an item late, the amount will
be shown on the screen and added to your library record.
(A) renewal
(B) renewing
(C) renew
(D) renewed
131. Some corporations ----- revenues might be adversely
affected by controls on carbon dioxide emissions have also
alleged major uncertainties in the climate science.
(A) whom
(B) which
(C) whose
(D) what
132. The president's discretion in the appointment of
managers cannot be exercised ----- merely because of
a change of board.
(A) arbitration
(B) arbitrate
(C) arbitrarily
(D) arbitrator
133. Due to the ----- insecurity of the Internet, no security
measures should be viewed as completely effective in all
(A) inherent
(B) including
(C) expected
(D) upcoming
134. The ----- of semiconductor wafer products and services
has seen increasingly strong trading from March to June
following flat period in the first two months of the year.
(A) supply
(B) supplies
(C) supplier
(D) supplying
135. You can better ----- people to stay committed with their
promises by asking them to write down what they said.
(A) invite
(B) persuade
(C) consult
(D) request
136. In three studies, they explore how two dimensions of
originality and usefulness affect word-of-mouth and, hence,
the ----- of a new product.
(A) assumption
(B) application
(C) adaptation
(D) adoption
137. The manufacturer's ----- retail price of a Chinese
vehicle imported into the United States for sale could range
from $6,600 to $10,200.
(A) suggest
(B) suggesting
(C) suggested
(D) suggestion
138. The law was intended to make public facilities and
work places ----- to people with disabilities.
(A) disposable
(B) comparable
(C) distinguishable
(D) accessible
139. Your next laptop could have a continuous power
battery that lasts for 30 years without a single recharge
----- work being funded by the Research Laboratory.
(A) thanks to
(B) nearly
(C) next to
(D) throughout
140. Only after all audio and visual quality standards are
-----, will your commercial be delivered to the television
(A) given
(B) kept
(C) met
(D) relieved
Đề thi TOEIC ( Reading)
Đây là đề thi TOEIC cùa nam 2009 của Hàn Quốc. Ai cần đáp án thì để lại mail cho mình
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