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De luyen thi dai hoc mon Anh van

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Tài liệu De luyen thi dai hoc mon Anh van - tài liệu, sách iDoc.VnĐề luyện thi đại học môn Anh văn 2012
Môn: Tiếng Anh
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I. Read the passage and circle the best option A, B, C, or D to complete the following questions or
Psychologist have debated a long time about whether a child’s upbringing can give it the ability to do
outstandingly well. Some think that it is impossible to develop genius and say that it is simply something
a person is born with. Others, however, argue that the potential for great achievement can be develop.
The truth lies somewhere between these two extremes.
It seems very obvious that being born with the right qualities from gifted parents will increase a child’s
ability to do well. However, this ability will be fully realized only with the right upbringing and
opportunities. As one psychologist says, “To have a fast car, you need both a good engine and fuel.”
Scientists have recently assessed intelligence, achievement, and ability in 50 sets of identical twins that
were separated shortly birth and brought up by different parents. They found that achievement was based
on intelligence, and later influenced by the child’s environment.
One case involving very intelligent twins was quoted. One of the twins received a normal upbringing, and
performed well. The other twin, however, was brought up by extremely supportive parents and given
every possible opportunity to develop its abilities. That twin, though starting out with the same degree of
intelligence as the other, performed even better.
This case reflects the general principle of intelligence and ability. The more favorable the environment,
the more a child’s intelligence and ability are developed. However, there is no link between intelligence
and socioeconomic level of a child’s family. In other words, it does not matter how poor or how rich a
family is, as this does not affect the intelligence.
Gifted people can not be created by supportive parents, but they can be developed by them. One professor
of music said that outstanding musicians usually started two or three years earlier than ordinary
performers, often because their parents had recognized their ability. These musicians then needed at least
ten years’ hard work and training in order to reach the level they were capable of attaining.
People who want to have very gifted children are given the following advice:
- Marry an intelligent person.
- Allow children to follow their own interests rather than the interests of the parents.
- Start a child’s education early but avoid pushing the child too hard.
- Encourage children to play; for example, playing with musical instrument is essential for a child
who wants to become an outstanding musician.
1: When scientists studied intelligence and ability in twins, they found that ______.
A. different twins generally have different levels of ability
B. ability depends mainly on intelligence and achievement
C. intelligence and development are irrelevant to ability
D. ability depends both on intelligence and environment
2: Scientists chose twins for their study because ______.
A. they have the same genetic background, usually with similar intelligence
B. they are born into the same family, hence the same upbringing
C. they have the same economic background and hence the same opportunities
D. each twin has the same environment as his/ her twin
3: How were great musicians different from ordinary musicians in their development?
A. They practice playing their instruments for many years
B. They were exceptionally intelligent and artistic
C. They concentrated on music to the exclusion of other areas
D. Their ability was realized at an early stage and then nurtured
4: The writer advises that gifted children should be allowed to follow ______.
A. only their interests in computer games B. only their interests in musical instruments
C. their own interests D. their parents’ interests
5: When encouraging their gifted children, parents should avoid ______.
De luyen thi dai hoc mon Anh van
Đề luyện thi đại học môn Anh văn 2012
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