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- 09/20/2012
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Thành viên idoc2012

Bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh có đáp án

- 09/20/2012
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The ode was original a ceremonial poem written to celebrate public occasions or exalted subjects.  Knowledge of the rate at which a ship is traveling through the water is important if the  navigator  need to estimate the time of arrival. The earth is the only planet with a large number of oxygen in its atmosphere.  Robert Frost was not well known as a poet until he reached the forties. 

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1. The ode was original a ceremonial poem written to celebrate public occasions or exalted subjects.                A        B               C                             D

2. Knowledge of the rate at which a ship is traveling through the water is important if the  navigator          A                B                       C need to estimate the time of arrival.    D                                         

3. The earth is the only planet with a large number of oxygen in its atmosphere.               A                           B        C     D

4. Robert Frost was not well known as a poet until he reached the forties.                                    A   B            C    D

cf) The amounts of oxygen and nitrogen in the air almost always remain stable, but the amount of water           A                                        B                           C vapor vary considerably.        D

5. Multicolored woodcuts must be printed with as many blocks as _______ colors in  the composition.      (A) there are   (B) many   (C) some of     (D) it is

6. A painter who lived most of his life in the Middle West, Grant wood has called America's  "Painter of         A             B       C                                    D the Soil."

7. While ancient times people simply painted inanimate objects, during the Renaissance the  painting of                 A                                                                                                     B  C "still life" developed as an accepted art form.                D

8. The American frontiersman, politician, and soldier Davy crockett is one of the most  popular of                        A                                              B          C American hero. D

9. Three months after they have been laid, crocodile eggs are ready hatched. A B C D

10. Peas require rich soil, constant moistures, and a cool growing season to develop well. A B C D

11. A dolphin locates underwater objects in its path by doing a series of clicking and whistling sounds.                                  A B           C                             D 

12. The greater an objects's mass, the more difficult it is ____________ .  (A) (A) to speed it up or slow it down                                  (B) it speeds up or slows down (C) than speeding it up or slowing it down

(D) than speeding up or slowing down

13. A desert area that has been without water for six years will still bloom when rain will come. A B C D

14. One of the essential features of the modern skyscraper is being the elevator. A B C D

15. A rabbit moves about by hopping on its hind legs, which are much longer and more strong than its                A          B                       C                        D front legs.

1.A 2.D 3.B 4.D 5.A 6.D 7.A 8.D 9.D 10.B 11.D 12.A 13.D 14.C 15.D

16. The snowy egret is about the size of large crow. A B C D

17. The grape is the ___________ , juicy fruit of a woody vine. (A) skin (B) which is smooth (C) smooth skin (D) smooth-skinned

18. In the second half of the nineteenth century, textiles from the southwestern United state, particularly fabrics woven by the Navajo people, _____________________ . (A) began to be used as rugs (B) rugs began to be used (C) as rugs began to be used (D) began to used them as rugs

19. During adolescence many young people begin to question ------ held by their families. (A) the values (B) of the values (C) the values are (D) are the values

20. During  the Middle Ages,  handwriting  notices  kept  groups of nobles  informed of  important  events.      A                      B              C                         D   21. In her writing, Elimor Wylie often dealt with her own personality as it was,  rather than _________ . (A) as was defines by others (B) its definitions by others (C) other's definition (D) as others defined it

22. Congress chartered the first Bank of the United States in 1791 to engage in  general   commercial   banking   and   __________     as   a   fiscal   agent   of   the   federal  government. (A) to act (B) acting (C) that has acted

(D) having acted

23. Essentially, a theory is an abstract, symbolic representation of _____________  reality. (A) what is conceived (B) what it is conceived (C) what is conceived to be (D) what is being conceived

16.(D) 17.(D)  18.(A)  19.(A)  20.(B)  21.(D) 22.(A) 23.(C)

24. Tenant farmers are those they either rent a farm and work it for themselves or work  the farm for the A B C owner and receive payment.   D      

25. Slightly over half of the population of El Paso, Texas, says both English and spanish.       A          B             C                        D

26. Hickories are medium to large trees common in eastern and the central areas of North America.                         A                B         C                  D

27. Approximately one­third of all persons involved in adult education programs in 1970 were enrolled in                      A                                               B  C         occupational education course. D

28. Natural adhesives are primarily of animals or vegetable origin.       A                     B          C          D

29. As a glacier melts, rocks, boulders, trees, and tons of dirt deposit. A B C D

30. The Suwannee River has been never important for transport and no significant hydropower potential. A B C D

31. American manufacturers depend on ocean shipping for most of trade with other countries. A B C D

32. The root of the chicory plant is often ground up and added to coffee to elimination its bitterness.                                     A       B            C                 D

33. Some nematodes are very tiny that it Is necessary to view them through a microscope.           A                B         C                 D

34. It is  estimated  that a scientific principle has a  life expectancy  of approximately a  decade before it                         A                                                                                   B   C

drastically revised or replaced by newer information.     D

35.   The   more   arid   the   continent,   the   less   the   amount   of   annual   precipitation  _______________ . (A) runs off that (B) runs it off (C) that runs it off (D) that runs off

24.A 25.D 26.C 27.D 28.C 29.D 30.A 31.C 32.D 33.B 34.D 35.D 

36. He really deserved the award because he performed _______________ was expected  of him. (A) much better from (B) more better than (C) much better as (D) much better than

37. He was stopped each dozen yards by friends who wanted to congratulate him. A B C D

38. As we have finished the first lesson, now we will read the second one. A B C D

39. To take pride in what deserves boasting is one thing, and to take good care of it is quite _________ . (A) others (B) thing (C) another (D) the other

40. The doctor's records must be kept thorough and neatly, so as to insure good book-keeping. A B C D

41. Why is a man in civil life perpetually slandering and backbiting his fellow men, and is unable to  see                                                                       A                                             B  C good even in his friends?        D

42. "Do you think that the labor bill will be passed?"     "Oh, yes. It's _________ that it will." (A) almost surely (B) very likely (C) near positive (D) quite certainly

43.  Like  a   synonym   of  speech, which is the general  term,   address   implies   some  degree  of  formality.      A                   B                    C                                 D

44. Rabbits and hares look much like and are often mistaken for each other. A B C D

45. As every other nation, the United States used to define its unit of currency, the dollars,  in terms of       A         B                                 C        D                   the gold standard.

46. The prime minister's conviction for improper campaign practices is likely to result in increasing                               A                                         B         C  pressure that she resigns. D

47. When the boulders are made of rock that is different from the bedrock which they or the soil  of the                              A                                              B    C field rests, they are called erratics.                     D

48. It would be difficult for a man of his political affiliation, _______, to become  a senator from the south. (A) though charming and capable is he (B) even with charm and so capable (C) charming and having capability (D) however charming and capable

36.D 37.A 38.D 39.C 40.B 41.C 42.B 43.A 44.B 45.A 46.D 47.B 48.D

49. Penicillin is perhaps the drug ________ more lives than any other in the history  of medicine. (A) what has saved (B) which saved (C) which has saved (D) who saves

50. After his trips to the west between 1860 and 1872, Ralph Alber Bakelock would often  painted A B C American Indian encampments on brown­and­yellow­toned canvases.                               D

51. The city of Boston was settled in 1630 on a hilly, wooded peninsula where the charles River  flows                              A                   B                           C into a natural harbors. D

52. Artist Helen Frankenthaler returned home from college on 1949 to her native New York, the city A B producing the most art revolutionary of the day. C D

53. Contralto Marian Anderson became a member permanent of the Metropolitan Opera Company in 1995.                                                                    A                             B                   C  D

54. The fact that half of the known species  is thought to  inhabit the world's rain  forests does not seem                                                                                                  A  B surprising, considering the huge numbers of insects that comprise the bulk of the species. C D

55. A politician can make a legislative proposal more _______ by giving specific examples of what its effect will be. (A) to understand (B) understandably (C) understandable (D) when understood

56. Before every presidential election in the United States, the statisticians try to guess the proportion of the population that _________ for each candidate. (A) are voted (B) voting (C) to be voted (D) will vote

57. The decimal numeral system is one of the ______ ways of expressing numbers. (A) useful most world's (B) world's most useful (C) useful world's most (D) most world's useful

58. Nebraska has floods in some years, ___________ . (A) in others droughts (B) droughts are others (C) while other droughts (D) others in drought

59. Many of the recording instruments used in vary branches of science are kymographs.                     A                          B      C               D

60. In the United States among 60 percent of the space on the pages of newspapers is reserved for                                                        A                                         B  C advertising. D

49.C 50.C 51.D 52.C 53.B 54.A 55.C 56.D 57.B 58.A 59.B 60.A

61. The spontaneity of children's artwork sets it apart from the regulated uniforming of much of what                                                                                       A                 B  C otherwise go on in traditional extraordinary classrooms.             D

62. Fossils of  plant  that have  been extinct  for  fifty million years  have been found in large  deposits of                  A                  B                 C amber near the Baltic Sea.         D

63. The luxuriant hardwood timberland of the southern Appalachian Mountains is classed as a  temperate A B C rain forests.     D

64. Bone and ivory needles found at archaeological sites indicate that clothes have been  sewn for some                                A                           B           C 17,000 years ago. D

65. The sun seems to have been formed when the universe was already 10 billion years. A B C D

66. The satellites are frequently eclipsed by Jupiter and may be seen to transit Jupiter as dark  shadows                                                    A                                                   B  C or passing behind the planet.      D

67. Though Artist Tatun was totally blind in one eye and had only slight vision in another, he became an          A                                                      B                 C  D internationally renowned jazz musician.

68. Not since Gerald Reed has a chief executive served two full terms or leave Washington with  cheers                                          A                    B           C ringing in his ears. D

69. Even the most discriminating gourmet will agree that food in the south is as good as any other                            A                          B                          C   D region in the country.

70. In her writing, Elinor Wylie, often dealt with her own responsibility as it was,  rater than _______ . (A) as others defined it (B) other's definitions (C) its definition by others (D) it was defined by others

71. Some scientists predict that, despite greater material output, the people in the year 2,000 will be                                        A              B                     C poorer in many ways than it is today. D

72. Venus approaches the Earth more closely than any other planet is. A B C D

61.D 62.A 63.D 64.D 65.D 66.D 67.C 68.C 69.D 70.A 71.D 72.D

73. _______________ left before the deadline, it doesn't seem likely that John will accomplish the job. (A) Although such a short time (B) It is such a short (C) With so short time (D) With such a short time

74. With the start for the penny papers in the 1830's, the number of people _________ a newspaper rose considerably. (A) regularly reading (B) were reading regularly (C) regularly reading what (D) who reading regularly

75. Tempera, a type of paint, is prepared from a mixture of water, egg yolk, and one but more  tinted A B C D powders.

76. Over forty years ago, Helen Hall's outstanding contributions as a settlement organizer catch the                                                                                            A  B attention of president Franklin Roosevelt, who appointed  her to his  advisory committee  on  economic                                                             C             D security.

77. Part of the sunlight that strikes the Earth is reflected into the sky, and a rest is  absorbed by the         A                      B                                             C ground. D

78. At present production levels, _________ deposits of bauxite can provide the world with aluminum for hundreds of years. (A) known (B) known are (C) they are known (D) what is known

79. It seemed as if I hadn't scarcely done anything  worthwhile with  my time,  for I failed three  courses.                         A                              B       C            D

80. The office manager insists that his staff use all of its vacation time, but he hardly never takes a A B C D vacation himself.

81. Life insurance, before available only to young, healthy persons, can now be obtained for  old people                       A                 B                         C and even for pets.       D

82. Moonquakes originating at deep of some 800 kilometers indicate the Moon has considerable rigidity

A B C D and is not molten at such levels.

73.D 74.A 75.C 76.B 77.C 78.A 79.A 80.C 81.A 82.B

83. Biologists and anthropologists possesses a wealth of evidence to indicate that human beings arose A B from lower forms of life over a time long period. C D

84. Ladybugs are desirous in the garden because most kinds eat aphids and other harmful insects.                       A         B                C                         D

85. It has been estimated that only 21 percent of the world's land surface  are   cultivatable and that  only                  A                                B          C                    D  7.6 percent is actually under cultivation.

86. To become a skilled photograph, a person should have both manual dexterity and a good eye  for detail. A B C D

87. For centuries, music have played acoustical guitars, which produce sound from the vibration of  the                      A                                   B             C  D   strings.

88. Langston Hughes always seemed to know exactly who he was, and those knowledges helped  make A B him one of the most respected writers in the United States. C                   D

89. Banking is ancient origin, though little  3 known about its history prior to the thirteenth  century.                  A                B          C                        D

90. Au bones have an exterior layer, termed the cortex, that is smooth, dense,  continuous, and ___________ . (A) of varying thickness (B) varied thickness (C) its thickness varies (D) its thickness varying

91. The holograph was an instrument employed to send signals by reflecting sunlight a mirror or                                  A                  B     C              D mirrors.

92. In retrospect, sadness,  rather anger,  seems  to be the  overriding  emotion  in Langston  Hughes's poetry.

                               A         B                C         D     

93. Obsidian, an uncommon volcanic rock, polishes good and makes an attractive semiprecious stone.                      A               B         C                      D

94. Business cycles have been placed the scrutiny of statisticians  so that recurring patterns  not apparent                                     A                     B        C at first sight might be disclosed.                D 83.D 84.A 85.C 86.B 87.A 88.B 89.A 90.A 91.D 92.A 93.C 94.A

95. For a long time cotton ranked first between Alabama's crops, but today it accounts  for only a                         A                  B                      C fraction of the agricultural production. D

96. The earliest steam­driven vehicles produced great amount of noise.           A                     B        C      D

97. The double bull's eye in center of a dart board is worth fifty points.            A        B        C                       D

98. Seaweed nurtures  numerous  communities of living things,  which  are protected  under the wet                            A                                   B                  C coverings of the weeds while the tide out. D

99. The wankle engine, sometimes referred as a rotary engine, delivers more power for its size than a                              A         B                         C                D conventional piston engine.

100. Farm animals have been  regardless  by  nearly  all societies  as  a valuable economic  resource. A B C D

101. Bauxite ores differ considerably physical appearance, according to their impurities and structural                                   A                           B      C       D compositions.

102. Helen Vendler's essays  present  key  insight into  and vital  analyses the  works of  major british and                                A             B                    C                 D American authors.

103. The waterwheel is a mechanism designed to harness energy from a source instead than  animals.                      A                             B            C              D

104. No  other  beverage comes  even  close to rivaling coffee as the  more widely  drunk  refreshment in the            A                   B                                     C

world. D

105. Mosquitos usually lay eggs on top stagnant water.          A       B    C               D

106. Languon Hughes's The Book of Negro Looksore is a too much valuable introduction to an integral                                                                                                                         A  B part of folk literature of the United States.  C          D

95.B 96.D 97.C 98.D 99.B 100.A 101.A 102.C 103.D 104.C 105.D 106.A

107. Seven of planets rotate in the same direction as their orbital motions, while Venus  and Uranus rotate                 A                                B                        C in the opposite direction. D

108. The Millicent Rogers Museum houses five thousand  pieces   of   Hispanic   and   American   Indian  jewelry,                                                 A textiles, and other objects document the vibrancy of these cultures. B C D

109. From 1866 to 1833, the bison population in North America was reduced from an estimated 13 million         A                                                          B  C to a few hundreds. D

110. The  Obie Awards have been given annually  for  1956 to  outstanding  artists  in  off­ Broadway theater.      A                                          B              C            D

111. Along the East Coast, American Indian women's councils could veto a declaration of war at refusal        A                                                         B          C  D to supply moccasins and field rations.

112. Carrie Chapman Catt organized the League of women voters after successfully campaign for the                                                  A                                                        B  C constitutional amendment that gave women the right to vote.                             D

113.  Any group  that  conducting  its meetings using parliamentary rules will encounter  situations where                    A                             B  C

prescribed procedures cannot be applied.                          D

114. Coinciding with the development of jazz in New Orleans in the 1920's ______ in  blues music. (A) was one of the greatest periods (B) one of the greatest periods (C) was of the greatest periods (D) the greatest periods

115. Despite its wide range of styles and instrumentation, country music has certain  common features _______ its own special character. (A) give it that (B) that give it (C) give that (D) that gives it to

116. _______ around stones that are sunwarmed, even the smallest of stones creates  tiny currents of warm air. (A) The cool air (B) If the air is cool (C) That the air cools (D) The cooler the air

117.   Even   as   he  wrote  copiously   on   such  diverse topic  as   education,   politics,   and  religion, Lewis Mumford                    A                          B  remained active in city and regional planning.    C              D

107.A 108.C 109.D 110.B 111.D 112.C 113.B 114.A 115.B 116.B 117.B

118. For centuries the aromatic spices of the Far East has been in demand by the people of  the East and       A                B                                C            D West.

119. Nine state attorney generals have been meeting lately, apparently to prepare a tobacco­company­ style                         A                B           C       D humdinger court case against softies.

120. When  seeing  near  the horizon, the moon appears  strikingly  larger than when viewed  overhead. A B C D

121. The firemen were unable to determine exactly what caused the fire, when they said that they  would A B C D continue the investigation.

122. Because of  its strong record during earlier recessions, the mutual fund has and will continue to be A B C attractive to small investors.      D 

123. Both china, Russia, and the united states are aware of the role they play in world affairs.          A                                   B   C                D

124. Neither Russia nor the United States have been able to discover a mutually satisfactory plan for                      A                           B                      C  D gradual disarmament.

125. "Whenever I have to write a paper, I don't know where to begin."     "I have the same problem, but _______ the paper seems to write itself." (A) starting (B) having started (C) once I start (D) after to start

126. An echo is a sound heard subsequently it is reflected from an object. A B C D

127. While  the   two   reappeared   after  being  absent  for over  a   month,   everyone   in   the  expedition was        A                             B             C surprised to find them so little changed.                          D

128. We had been in the city not more than two days until we found that we needed a guide.               A                   B                  C                       D

129. A measuring worm can hold  itself straight out from a branch so that looks like a small  twig.                             A     B           C                      D

118.C 119.A 120.A 121.C 122.C 123.A 124.B 125.C 126.B 127.A 128.C 129.D

130. Scholars of historical change  feel  that the velocity of history  has been  fastly accelerated by the                                    A                                B      C onward rush of science and technology during the twentieth century.      D

131. A narcotic is a substance that  is having  a  strong  depressant effect on the  human nervous system. A B C D

132. After searching for evidence in the house, the police concluded that the thief must have come in                       A                                                                                             B  C through the window and stole the silver while the family was sleep.                           D

133. To become a member of the civic association, one need only attend three meetings and  to pay his 

                 A                                                                                             B  C fees regularly. D

134. When our neighbor's grandson caught his finger in the car door, he did not cry even though it  must A B have hurted him a great deal. C D

135. All alligator is an animal somewhat like a crocodile, but with a broad, flatten snout.           A                        B                       C              D

136. Like other animals, the tiny kangaroo rat has the ability to manufacture water in  his body by A B metabolic conversion of carbohydrates. C D

137. Not until ten years ago was there much need for personal computer. A B C D

138. Sea turtles can spend their lifetime in sea without ever touching land.      A               B                  C            D

139. A kangaroo moves  around  by leaping  on  its rear legs, which  is  much bigger  and stronger than its                            A              B                     C               D front legs.

140. In order to prevent disease on a worldwide base, nations must work together.                  A             B               C            D

141. The Petrified Forest National Park of Arizona is one of the most unique parks in the United States.      A                                B                              C          D

142. Found in all parts of the state, pines are the most ordinary trees in Georgia.        A                    B         C                 D

143. Predators and parasites share a fundamental characteristic: they both survive a the price of  others.                                                          A                                             B                   C  D

130.C 131.A 132.D 133.B 134.C 135.D 136.C 137.D 138.A 139.C 140.C 141.C 142.D 143.C

144. This Information _______________________ to a great many people. (A) was proved to be useful (B) has proved it useful (C) has been proved to be useful (D) has proved useful

145. Psychiatrists are ridiculed for ________________ , but new research on genes 

and the brain suggests they might be right. (A) a mental illness calling every quirk (B) a calling for mental illness ever quirk (C) calling mental illness an every

146.   In   the   1940's   and   1950's,   biochemists   strived   to   learn   what   each   of   the  vitamins was essential for health.

147. Biochemists discovered that key enzymes in metabolism depend on one or another of the  vitamins as                              A                                B                  C   D coenzymes to perform the chemistry that provides cells energy for growth and function.                              E                          F

148. These gene hunters, or genetic engineers, use recombinant DNA technology to  identify and clone      A  genes and introduce  it  into bacterial cells and plants  to create  factories for the  massive production of                      B                                 C hormones and vaccines for medicine and for better crops for agriculture.                                              D

149. The railway network expanded rapidly until the railroad map of the United States  looked like a                                                                                        A  B spider's web, with the steel filaments connect all important sources of raw materials,  their places of                                          C manufacture, and their centers of contribution.      D

150. The railroad contributed to the industrial growth not only by connecting these  major centers, but also by themselves consume enormous amounts of fuel, iron, and coal. A B C D

151. The increased urban population was nourished by the increased farm production that, in turn, was                                            A                 B      made more productive by the use of the new farm machine. C D

152. Europe now began to send tides of immigrants from eastern and southern Europe ­ most of them A B were originally poor farmers but who settled in American industrial cities.                                 C       D

144.D 145.D 146.C 147.F 148.B 149.C 150.B 151.D 152.B

153.  Often  when the weather is extremely hot, people  have  very thirsty  but  are not  terribly hungry.

      A                                              B                C            D 154. Pioneers on the plains sometimes living in dugouts, sod rooms cut into hillsides.                 A             B       C                            D

155. In 1786 Benjamin Franklin first suggested daylight savings time as a means of cutting down on the                                       A                                    B        C consumes of candles     D

156. An extremely dangerous forms of cocaine, crack attacks the nervous system, brain,  and body in a                                                             A                                             B  C sharper fashion than cocaine.    D

157. On February 20, 1962, Friendship T has orbited the Earth in a manned flight that last just under five                                           A                          B     C  D hours.

158. While his racking days, racehorse John Henry earned a record $6.5 million, $2.3  million more than        A                                            B  his closest competitor. C D

159. Cartilage covers the ends of bones helps to protect the joints from wear and tear.                 A      B                        C               D

160. The Alaskan malamute, used extensively to pull sleds, is closely reacted to the wolves. A B C D

161. Many of the characters portrayed by writer Joyce Carol Oats is mentally ill. A B C D

162. The new system responds at seconds to any emergency.      A                  B    C              D

163. The GATT is an international agreement designing to increase trade among member nations. A B C D

164. The closer to one of the Earth's poles, the greater _______ gravitational force. (A) is (B) the (C) has (D) it has

165. The flamingo uses its bill _________ feeding to filter mud and water from the tiny plants and animals that it finds in shallow ponds. (A) when (B) is (C) that it is

(D) was

166. The amount of lapsed time between the thunder and lightening can be used to determine __________ . (A) how the thunder and lightening are far away (B) how far away the thunder and lightening are (C) how far away are the thunder and lightening (D) the thunder and lightening are how far away

167. The United States celebrate the birth of its independence every Fourth of July.                            A         B     C                D

168. Laminated  safety  glass is produced  with  combining  alternate  layers of flat  glass and  plastic.                  A                      B                C              D

169. In one type of laminating, alternate layers of wood are placed with their grains running at night                                                                   A                                                   B  C angles to each others. D

170. In general, prawns live shallow coastal waters or in streams. A B C D

171. The zenith provides a means for making various calculates in astronomy. A B C D

172. The application of electronic controls made _________ by the microprocessor and computer storage have multiplied the uses of the modern typewriter. (A) it possible (B) possible (C) it is possible (D) possibility

173. After the great blizzard of 1988 in the northeastern United States, it took some _________ the snow away from their homes. (A) days to shovel people several (B) people several days to shovel (C) several days people to shovel (D) people to shovel several days

174. A merger is a combination of two or more businesses down below a single management.                         A                 B                   C          D

175. Bats rely on their hearings to navigate and to find food at night.               A          B                       C        D

176. Our urge to classify different life forms and give us names seems to be as old as  the human race.           A                                         B           C            D

177. Many of the trees native to the state of maine yield useful woods, a number of which  are of tall                                                       A                                               B       C  D market value.

178. Sugar cane, a native of Bengal, became the chief produce of West Indies. A B C D

153.B 154.C 155.D 156.A 157.A 158.A 159.A 160.D 161.C 162.C 163.B 164.B 165.A 166.B 167.D 168.D 169.D 170.B 171.C 172.B 173.B 174.C 175.B 176.B 177.? 178.?

179. Mount St. Helens, a volcano in Washington State in the United States, erupted in Mary 18, 1980.                        A                 B                     C                   D 

180. Despite of its isolation in the Sunda Strait  between Java and Sumatra, over 36,000  people  died         A                            B           C     in the tidal waves following the explosion of Krakato.             D

181. Many of the satellites of space carry telescopes and other instruments used in astronomy to               A                B                                               C      look at the stars. D

182. Wood, the hardened material from which trees are composed, is made up of millions of tiny A B C tubes of fibers packed together.          D

183. Animals that live in areas that are covered in show in winter change the color of their  coat                        A                     B              C     according the seasons.                   D

184. The dodo, a giant bird now extinct, lived on the island of Mauritius, in Indian Ocean. A B C D

185. Pelican Island in Florida and Oregon Islands in Oregon are wildlife refuges. A B C D

186. The most coral islands develop from reefs that grow up around volcanic refuges. A B C D

187. When the island of Surtsey was eighteen months old a first leafy green plant appeared.              A           B                               C             D

179.(D) 180.(A) 181.(B) 182.(B) 183.(D) 184.(D) 185.(D) 186.(A) 187.(?)

188. The new island of Surtsey is its ideal natural laboratory for scientists. A B C D 189. Coral reefs are limestone formations composed of tiny sea organisms and the remains. A B C D 190. The most of the energy used in our homes and factories is generated from coal, oil, and natural gas A B C D

191. Zachary Taylor was first president to be elected from a State west of the Mississippi River.


192. "Old faitful" in the Yollowstone National Park is probably the world's most famous  geyser.              A                         B                               C           D     

193. The world's fastest animal is cheetah, but if bird are included, the fastest of all  animals is           A                           B                                    C      the spine-tailed swift.             D

194. Soybeans were first grown in the Orient and brought to the Western world during the World War                 A                                                         B                                                   C  D     Two. 195. It is amazing what discovered Faraday in the field of science without the use of   mathematics.                               A                           B        C   D     188.(C) 189.(D) 190.(A) 191.(A) 192.(B) 193.(B) 194.(D) 195.(A)

196.   The   production   of   tin   ore   in   the   United   States   is   relatively  insignificant, ...... less than one hundred      tons annually.  a. amount to   b. in the amount  c. amount to it  d. to the amount of

197. Earlier or later, all lakes are influenced by eutrophication, a process in which lake  sediment lowers        A                                   B        the depth of the water and drains oxygen from it. C D

198. Jekyll island has been one of Georgia's State parks in 1954.                            A                B     C   D

199. Bells are frequently made from bronze, an alloy of approximately three part copper  and one  part tin.                            A                 B            C                  D       200. A logarithm is .......algebra as an exponent. a. known what b. known what it is c. what is known d. what it is known

201.  Negotiable  instruments   such   as   personal   checks   may  ordinarily  be   transferred   to  another people                 A                                                                                                 B  C      by endorsement. D

202. Scientists and economists believe that human beings can never use away all the  mineral resources                                  A                          B        C  D      on Earth.

196.A 197.A 198.D 199.D 200.C 201.C 202.C

203. Idaho ranks first among the states in potatoes production.               A         B              C    D 204. The decay of a muon is an example of an weak interaction between atomic particles. A B C D 205. All village or tribe of the North American Indian confederacy had its annual green  corn dance,      A                                                                   B      a festival in which social ties were renewed.        C                 D 206.   Pipelines  are  continually  inspected   for  leaks  and  for damage  caused   by  such  conditions as freezing A  temperatures, heavy rain, and soil erode.              B           C               D 207. Plastics used to make textiles can be drawn into fine threads, then woven or knit    into  fabrics.                                           A                  B   C        D     

208. Not only ............... in the field of psychology but animal behavior is  examined as well. a. human behavior is studied b. is human behavior studied c. is studied human behavior d. human behavior

209. The new information on asbestos caused panic in construction and industry like. A B C D

203.(d) 204.(c) 205.(a) 206.(d) 207.(d) 208.(b) 209.(d)

210. The weaving  design was then embellished with a series of small  chained  diamond  of  A                                                                     B       C       vertical and zigzag lines.                      D 211. Aside from the resolution to have more ecumenical conferences,  the most accomplishment of the A B group was that it met at all. C D 212. The intelligence ability of an athlete is usually far more than they would expect. A B C D 213. The more  Robert  tried to  please his mother through mere flattery,  the greater  he  succeeded in              A            B                                                C  D

     annoying  her.          214. Do you know that  the population  of Washington D.C. is  about  as many as  that of Minneapolis?                                  A                                 B        C        D      

215. Most William Faulkner's novels deal with the universal problems of evil as represented by family        A                                 B                          C           D     disintegration and degeneration.

210.(c) 211.(b) 212.(c) 213.(c) 214.(c) 215.(?)

216.  Generally speaking,  tax   returns   must   be   filed  annually, but in few cases  they   must   be  submitted              A                                     B               C      every six months. D 217. A question often posed  about   journalism   is   "How   much   freedom  should reporters  have  A                                                     B       interpreting any given news item?" C D 218. An analytical index group many individual subtopics under major subject headings.                           A             B               C            D 219. Within the Alamo were one hundred and eighty men, more than two thirds of them  had                          A                                                 B      recently migrated from near-by states. C D 220. Every one of the boys ....... here yesterday has a bicycle. a. was b. were c. who was d. who were

221. The building opposite to  the   bank   is   among  the few  higher   ones   that  has been put  up  A                           B                          C      during the last few years.                  D

216.(c) 217.(d) 218.(a) 219.(b) 220.(d) 221.(c)

222. The hurricane, coming while it did, took the Florida coastal community by surprise. A B C D 223. Why did the Galapagos Islands have so many finches,            a different kind of beak suited to  its special feeding habits       a. each has        b. with each          c. each with          d. with which 224. All steam engines work for the same reason : steam occupies more than 1,700  times                           the water from which it comes.     a.  of the space of much of     b.  much of the space     c.  with as much space as     d.  as much space as 225.   Scientists  have recently argued  that   Einstein's   contribution  to  physics   and  mathematics are less                                               A                                                                           B   C    important as Newton's.

            D 226. Even the most discriminating gourmet will agree that food in the South is as good as any other                           A                           B                          C   D      region in the country.

227. The study of astronomy is so recent as the past centuries, but astrology has existed for thousands                                 A                             B     C          D      of years.

228. The scientists who are probably mostly interested in flights to the moon are  geologists.

229. Microwave oven thermometers are more cost than other kinds of thermometers.                                    A        B         C    D

230. Mercury is the most small planet in the solar system and the closest to the sun.        A               B            C                              D 231. The store                                            . a. that had the recently big sale went bankrupt b. that recently had the big sale went bankrupt c. that had the big recently sale went bankrupt d. that had the big sale went recently bankrupt 232. The intelligence ability of an athlete is usually for more than they would expect. A B C D 222.(B) 223.(C) 224.(D) 225.(C) 226.(D) 227.(A) 228.(D) 229.(B) 230.(B) 231.(B) 232.(C)

233. Farmers grow popcorn in much the same way .......... field corn, except that the rows are planted closer together. a. that they grow b. that grow c. they grow it d. do they grow

234. .......... often added to sauces and soups, is plentiful and relatively inexpensive. a. Parsely, an herb that is b. For parsely, an herb to be c. An herb, parsely is d. Parsely, is that herb

235. The Grapes of Wrath, a novel about the Depression years of the 1930's, is one of John Steinbecks's ........... books. a. most famous b. the most famous c. are most famous d. and most famous

236. A semiconductor is a substance that seldom conducts electricity, but ......... under certain circumstances. a. so can do b. do so can c. can do so d. so do can

237. Among the giants of the sea ........., which may weigh up to 1,000 pounds. a. tuna b. the tuna c. being the tuna d. is the tuna

238. ........... one of more units of living substance called protoplasm. a. All living things consist of b. Although all living things that consist of c. All living things consisting of d. In all living things consisting of

239. A newspaper's political cartoons ........... capsule versions of editorial opinion. a. serve as b. serve c. in serving d. be served

240. A painter who lived most of his life in the Middle West, Grant Wood has called America's "Painter A B C D of the Soil."

241. Chromosomes as appear long, tangled threads when they first become visible during the  early                      A                       B                   C                 D     prophase stage of mitosis.

233.(A) 234.(A) 235.(A) 236.(C) 237.(D) 238.(A) 239.(A) 240.(D) 241.(A)

242. In the Middle Ages, books called bestiaries were prepared in an attempt to describe animals, real or A B  imagine, that exemplified human  traits.     C    D                                                                   243. The relationship of Latin American music to Black music in the United States is  clearly evident in                                           A                                               B  C  the unaccented beats that are common to either. D 244. Seven of planets rotate in the same direction as their orbital motions, while Venus and  Uranus                 A                               B                        C  rotate in the opposite direction. D 245. A good exercise program helps teach people to avoid the habits that might shorten the lives. A B C D 246. Nobody should be able to find fault in that argument. A B C D 247. Since the early 1990's Luther Burbank bred a spineless variety of cactus that can be eaten as food. A B C D 248. The highest  temperature  ever recorded  in the United States was 134 F on  Death Valley,  California,            A                     B                                         C     in 1913.  D 249.  All sewing  was  done  with hand  until the invention of the sewing machine  in  the  nineteenth century.         A           B      C                                                D

250. Only a few species of the wasp can adapt to cold environments.

       A         B          C             D 251. A drama is a story intended to be presented by actors onto a stage.         A                 B              C                D 252. The relationship between law to liberty is even more paradoxical than that between  law and order.                       A                      B                         C  D

253. An opera combines the excitement of drama and spectacle to the power of music.      A                         B           C                D

242.(C) 243.(D) 244.(A) 245.(D) 246.(B) 247.(A) 248.( ) 249.( ) 250.( ) 251.(D) 252. (A) 253.(D)

254. No custom, belief, or action can be fully understood away its social or cultural context. A B C D 255. The Alexandria Gazette, published  daily   since   1797,   is   the  oldest  regularly   published  newspapers                                      A                                B   C      in the United States.         D 256.   Diamond   is   the   hardest   substance   known,   whereas   graphite,   another   carbon  allotrope,                       is..............  . A) the softest one of  B) softest of the one  C) the one of the softest  D) one of  the softest

257. Texas is the only state whose constitution   permits it ............. into  smaller states.     A) divides     B) divide    C) be dividing   D) to be divided

258.  Unlike  ordinary   light  sources, a laser sends out  a  narrow  beam  of   light  on only  one  direction.       A                    B               C                               D      259. A thorough study of mythology requires familiarity for the properties of plants and  trees, and the                   A                             B        habits of wild birds and beasts.         C       D 260. Seismology has not  reached yet  the  stage  where earthquakes can  be foretold  with a  A               B                                   C      great  deal of accuracy. D 261. Until the ninth century, written words were not actually separated, .............. in some literary writing, dots or points were used to indicate divisions. A)in spite of B) contrary C) contrast to D) but

262. Medical research indicates but  large amounts  of   histamines  can be  responsible   for  colds, A B C D hay fever, and other respiratory reactions.

263. Precisely because photographs are produced by mechanical devices, a camera's images   now seem                                         A             B     to some artists the perfect means for expression the modern era.                        C                   D

264. The Swiss admit to running work camps for refugees during the war, but deny whether they were A B C specifically designed to victimize Jews.         D

254.(D) 255.(C) 256.(D) 257.(D) 258.(D) 259.(B) 260.(A) 261.(D) 262.(A) 263.(D) 264. (C)

265. He was stopped each dozen yards by friends who wanted to congratulate him. A B C D

266. All objects are composed of many molecules and the  force of gravity pulls on every of  them.                     A                                    B               C       D      267.  One or the other  of the  secretaries  have to  attend the meeting. But  both of them  are  reluctant to             A          B               C                                D      do so.

268. Wagner and Strauss were such good friends that they frequently exchanged gifts with one another. A B C D

269. Culture and society are so interdependent that they do not occur without each another. A B C D 270. The characters in Mrs. Paley's short stories are unable to understand anything about                                                             A                      themselves or to communicate with one another in any but the most primitive and B C D unrevealing fashion.

271. The farmer uses wood to build a house .................. to store grains.      a)with which   b) where    c)which     d)in which

265.(A) 266.(D) 267.(C) 268.(D) 269.(D) 270.(B) 271.( )

272. The seventeenth century was one in that many significant advances were made in both                                    A    B                               C           D      science and philosophy.

273. Some antibiotics used in the treatment of human disease are  like only in that they  are        A                                                     B  C         D       obtained from fungi and bacteria.

274. In the attempt to control inflation  by  eliminating social programs,  there are ethical limits                                 A                                B                     beyond where many economists and politicians are reluctant to go. C D 275. The biggest single hobby in America, the one that Americans spend most time, energy                 A                                  B               C         and money, is gardening.

                 D 276. Constructed in Chicago in 1883, the Home Insurance Building was the first building  in            A           the world that the floors and the exterior masonry walls were supported by a skeleton                  B                      C                        D      framework of metal.

277. Advancements in technology are inextricably linked to the strength and survival of the                                         A                                  B      high­tech industry and its  potential to create new jobs.                          C         D

272.(B) 273.(C) 274.( ) 275.(B) 276.(B) 277.(C)

278. The chimpanzee possesses hand tool, the sticky termite stick, with which it digs termites                                    A                                B       C      out of logs and stumps.        D 279. For the past few years, researchers have perfected their control over the movement of                      A                       B        C      cells and microbes by using low­power laser beams.                            D 280. Perhaps the most unique thing about carbon atoms are their ability to combine with                 A                   B                  C                 D      themselves.

281. Psychologists and psychiatrists are trained to encourage their parents to talk for the                                        A                    B                C     things that are causing them difficulty. D 282. Physicists sought ways .................... many others to emit light, amplifying it to much higher powers. A)how one atom or molecule could stimulate B)one atom or molecule stimulating C)stimulating one atom or molecule by D)by which one atom or molecule could stimulate

283. In mathematical terms, modern algebra is set of objects with rules for connecting or                        A                     B                   C      relating those objects.        D 284. Pennsylvania has the most institutions of higher learning than any other state has. A B C D 285. An ideal is a standard .................. people judge real phenomena. A)how B)of C)by which D)for it

286. Founded around 1075, the Acoma pueblo is considered ..............settlement in the United States. A) the oldest continuously occupied B) occupied continuously the oldest C) the oldest occupied continuously D) continuously the oldest occupied

287. One of the most difficult problems in understanding sleep is determining what the                   A                        B                      C

    functions of sleep is. D 278.(A) 279.(B) 280.(C) 281.(C) 282.(D) 283.(B) 284.(A) 285.(C) 286.(A) 287.(B)

288. Jacobson is often referred to ............... at the factory. A)as the best engineer B)be the best engineer C)by the president to be the best engineer D) as being the best engineer

289. Teaching and learning are part of the same educational experience but unfortunately they                              A          B        are often thought of to be separate. C D 290. An epigram is usually defined to be a bright or witty thought tersely and ingeniously                        A             B          C                              D     expressed.

291. We usually define an epigram to be a bright or witty thought tersely and ingeniously                             A       B                                    C     expressed. D 292. Perhaps you have found some words to live by and treasured them because they say                                               A            B      something which you regard to be vital.         C                         D 293. The truck was found ................ an Highway 63.      A) to be abandoned     B) to be abandoning      C) abandoned           D) abandon

294. Imagine to my surprise when I saw one man tn the car pull out a pocket book and begin                     A       B                               C      to read. D 295. To read Tolstoy and to be introduced to nineteenth­century Russian literature is two                            A              B                                     C excellent reasons for taking professor Morrel's course.                     D 296. Paris is one of the many cities in the world that are currently developing programs  of            A                                             B        restoring their historical buildings.   C       D 297. ......................., a Form 57 must be completed.     A) To apply for this job              B) In order to get his job     C) Making application for this job     D) If you want to apply for this job

288.(A) 289.(D) 290.(B) 291.(B) 292.(D) 293.( ) 294.(A) 295.(C) 296.(C) 297.(D)

298. Ballads were early types of poetry and may have been among a first kinds of music. A B C D 299. During the 1600's skilled shoemakers scarce were in what is now the United States.                          A     B          C             D 300. Salt lake city, Utah's capital and largest city, is industrial and banking center.

A B C D 301. The arthropods, including insects and spiders, are great economic and medical                         A                           B         C       significance. D 302. The research of Percy Juliar has contributed to the creation of drugs that are in A B C widespread use over victims of arthritis.                      D 303. To his rural neighbors, Robert Frost was an likely farmer who wrote poets late at night. A B C D 304. Statistics suggests that the population of this country will be doubled in ten years' time. A B C D 305. The walls of this chapel are of solid masonry twenty­two and a half foot high and four A B C feet thick.       D 306. The weeks of summer training are often as tense for sports writers as it is for football                                        A     B    C                       D      players and coaches.

307. Maritime law regulates commerce and navigation on the seas or other navigable  waters,                           A                                          B      including inland lake rivers. C D 308. In all of the workers' union, they had definite and detailed rules about pension.          A             B          C                      D 309. The tartar chief controls a thousand men, all of them must obey his orders in both war                          A                           B              C           D      and peace.

310. The farmer uses wood to build a house  ................... to store grains.      A)with which   B)where    C) which     D)in which 

298.(C) 299.(C) 300.(C) 301.(B) 302.(C) 303.(C) 304.( ) 305.(C) 306.(D) 307.(D) 308. (C) 309.(A) 310.(D)

311. In the Middle Ages, books called bestiaries were prepared in an attempt to describe animals, real or A B imagine, that exemplified human traits.       C       D 312. The relationship of Latin American music to Black music in the United States is  clearly evident in                                            A                                               B  C      the unaccented beats that are common to either. D 313. Seven of planets rotate in the same direction as their orbital motions, while Venus and  Uranus rotate                  A                               B                        C

    in the opposite direction. D 314. A good exercise program helps teach people to avoid the habits that might shorten the lives.                                  A                B                     C  D 315. Nobody should be able to find fault in that argument. A B C D 316. Since the early 1990's Luther Burbank bred a spineless variety of cactus that can be eaten as food. A B C D 317. The highest  temperature  ever recorded  in the United States was 134 F on  Death Valley,  California,            A                     B                                         C         in 1913.      C 318.  All sewing  was  done  with hand  until the invention of the sewing machine  in  the  nineteenth century.          A           B      C                                              D 319. Only a few species of the wasp can adapt to cold environments.        A         B          C             D 320. A drama is a story intended to be presented by actors onto a stage.         A                 B              C                D 321. The relationship between law to liberty is even more paradoxical than that between  law and order.                         A                     B                         C  D 322. An opera combines the excitement of drama and spectacle to the power of music.      A                         B           C                D

311.(C) 312.(D) 313.(A) 314.(D) 315.(B) 316.(A) 317.( ) 318.( ) 319.( ) 320.(D) 321. (A) 322.(D)

323.   The   production   of   tim   ore   in   the   United   States   is   relatively  insignificant, ............. less than one             hundred tons annually.       A) amounting to  B) in the amount  C) amounts to it  D) to the amount of 324. Earlier or later, all lakes are influenced by eutrophication, a process in which lake  sediment lowers        A                             B        the depth of the water and drains oxygen from it. C D 325. Jekyll island has been one of Georgia's state parks in 1954.                            A                B    C   D 326. Bells are frequently made from bronze, an alloy of approximately three part copper and one  partin.                             A               B            C                  D 327. A logarithm is ........ in algebra as an exponent.     A)known what B)known what it is C)what is known  D)what it is known 328. Negotiable instruments such as personal checks may ordinarily be transferred to another people by A B C endorsement. D 329. Scientists and economists believe that human beings can never use away all the mineral resources on                                  A                         B         C              D      Earth.

330. Idaho ranks first among the states in potatoes production.             A         B              C     D 331. The decay of a muon is an example of an weak interaction between atomic particles. A B D D 332. All village or tribe of the North American Indian confederacy had its annual green corn dance, a A B festival in which social ties were renewed.       C               D 333.   Pipelines  are  continually  inspected   for  leaks  and  for damage  caused   by  such  conditions as freezing                                                                                                             A  B      temperatures, heavy rain, and soil erode. C D 334. Plastics used to make textiles can be drawn into fine threads, them woven or knit into fabrics.                                        A                B               C       D 335. Not only ................. in the field of psychology but animal behavior is  examined as well. A) human behavior is studied  B) is human behavior studied C) is studied human behavior  D) human behavior

336. The new information on asbestos caused panic in construction and industry like. A B C D

323.(A) 324.(A) 325.(D) 326.(D) 327.(D) 328.(C) 329.(C) 330.(D) 331.(C) 332.(A) 333.(D) 334.(D) 335.(B) 336.(D)

337. The weaving  design was then embellished with a series of small  chained  diamond  or  vertical and 

     zigzag lines.

338.  Aside from  the   resolution   to   have   more   ecumenical   conferences,   the  most accomplishment of the 

     group was that it met at all.

339. The intelligence ability of an athlete is usually far more than they would expect.

340. The more Robert tried to please his mother through mere flattery, the greater he succeeded in

annoying her.

341. Do you know that the population of washington D.C. is about as many as that of Minneapolis?

342.  Most  William Faulkner's novels  deal with  the universal  problems of evil  as represented by  family 

     disintegration and degeneration.

343.  Generally speaking,  tax   returns   must   be   filed  annually, but in few cases  they   must   be  submitted 

     every six months.

344. A question often posed about journalism is "How much freedom should reporters have interpreting 

    any given news item?"

345. An analytical index group many individual subtopics under major subject headings.

346. Within the Alamo were one hundred and eighty men,  more than two thirds of them had  recently 

     migrated from near-by states.

347. Every one of the boys ............. here yesterday has a bicycle. A) was B) were C) who was D) who were

348. The building opposite to the bank is among the few higher ones that has been put up during the 

     last few years.

337.(C) 338.(B) 339.(C) 340.(C) 341.(C) 342.( ) 343.(C) 344.( ) 345.(A) 346.(B) 347. (C) 348.(C)

349. No custom, belief, or action can be fully understood away its social or cultural context.

350. The Alexandria Gazette, published daily since 1797, is the oldest regularly published newspapers in the  United States.

351.   Diamond   is   the   hardest   substance   known,   whereas   graphite,   another   carbon  allotrope, is..............  .     A) the softest one of  B) softest of the one  C) the one of the softest  D) one  of the softest

352. Texas is the only state whose constitution   permits it ............. into  smaller states.     A) divides     B) divide    C) be dividing   D) to be divided

353.  Unlike  ordinary   light  sources, a laser sends out  a  narrow  beam  of   light  on only  one  direction.

354. A thorough study of mythology requires familiarity for the properties of plants and  trees, and the 

     habits of wild birds and beasts.

355.Seismology has not reached yet the stage where earthquakes can be foretold with  a great deal of 


356.   Until   the   ninth   century,   written   words   were   not   actually  separated, .............. in some literary writing, 

     dots or points were used to indicate divisions.     A)in spite of     B) contrary    C) contrast to    D) but

357.Medical research indicates but large amounts of histamines can be responsible  for colds, hay fever, 

    and other respiratory reactions.

358.Precisely because photographs are produced by mechanical devices, a camera's  images now seem to 

    some artists the perfect means for expression the modern era.

359.The Swiss admit to running work camps for refugees during the war, but deny  whether they were 

    specifically designed to victimize Jews.

349.(D) 350.(C) 351.(D) 352.(D) 353.(D) 354.(B) 355.(A) 356.(D) 357.(A) 358.(D) 359. (C)

360. Mount St. Helens, a volcano in Washington State in the United States, erupted in Mary 18, 1980.                       A                 B                     C                   D       361. Despite of its isolation in the Sunda Strait   between Java and Sumatra, over 36,000 people  died in          A                            B                C the tidal waves following the explosion of Krakato.     D

362. Many of the satellites of space carry telescopes and other instruments used in  astronomy to  look at A B C D the stars.

363. Wood, the hardened material from which trees are composed, is made up of millions of tiny tubes of A B C D fibers packed together.

364. Animals that live in areas that are covered in show in winter change the color of their  coat                    A                     B              C  according the seasons.     D      

365. The dodo, a giant bird now extinct, lived on the island of Mauritius, in Indian Ocean. A B C D

366. Pelican Island in Florida and Oregon Islands in Oregon are wildlife refuges. A B C D

367. The most coral islands develop from reefs that grow up around volcanic refuges. A B C D

368. When the island of Surtsey was eighteen months old a first leafy green plant appeared.              A           B                               C             D

360.(D) 361.(A) 362.(B) 363.(B) 364.(D) 365.(D) 366.(D) 367.(A) 368.( )

369. The new island of Surtsey is its ideal natural laboratory for scientists. A B C D

370. Coral reefs are limestone formations composed of tiny sea organisms and the remains. A B C D

371. The most of the energy used in our homes and factories is generated from coal, oil, and natural A B C D gas. 372. Zachary Taylor was first president to be elected from a State west of the Mississippi River. A B C D 373. "Old faithful" in the Yellowstone National Park is probably the world's most famous geyser.               A                         B                               C           D

374. The world's fastest animal is cheetah, but if bird are included, the fastest of all animals is  the       A                           B                                    C  D  spine-tailed swift.

375. Soybeans were first grown in the Orient and brought to the Western world during the World A B C D War Two. 376. It is amazing what discovered Faraday in the field of science without the use of mathematics.                                    A                           B        C  D     369.(C) 370.(D) 371.(A) 372.(A) 373.(B) 374.(B) 375.(D) 376.(A)

377. The production of tin ore in the United States is relatively insignificant,  ___________ less than one       hundred tons annually.  a. amount to   b. in the amount  c. amount to it  d. to the amount of

378. Earlier or later, aoo lakes are influenced by eutrophication, a process in which lake  sediment lowers     A                                   B  the depth of the water and drains oxygen from it. C D

379. Jekyll island has been one of Georgia's State parks in 1954.                            A                B     C   D

380. Bells are frequently made from bronze, an alloy of approximately three part copper and one part tin. A B C D

381. A logarithm is ______________ .algebra as an exponent. a. known what b. known what it is c. what is known d. what it is known

382. Negotiable instruments such as personal checks may ordinarily be transferred to another  people A B C by endorsement. D

383. Scientists and economists believe that human beings can never use away all the mineral resources                                    A                          B        C  D on Earth.   377.(a) 378.(a) 379.(d) 380.(d) 381.(c) 382.(c) 383.(c) 

384. Idaho ranks first among the states in potatoes production.             A          B              C    D

385. The decay of a muon is an example of an weak interaction between atomic particles. A B C D

386. All village or tribe of the North American Indian confederacy had its annual green  corn dance,       A                                                                   B a festival in which social ties were renewed.     C               D

387.   Pipelines  are  continually  inspected   for  leaks  and  for damage  caused   by  such  conditions as freezing                                                                                                               A   B temperatures, heavy rain, and soil erode.                    C             D

388. Plastics used to make textiles  can be drawn  into  fine threads, then woven  or  knit  into  fabrics.                                        A                 B             C       D      389. Not only _________________ in the field of psychology but animal behavior is  examined as well. a. human behavior is studied b. is human behavior studied c. is studied human behavior d. human behavior

390. The new information on asbestos caused panic in construction and industry like. A B C D

384.(d) 385.(c) 386.(a) 387.(d) 388.(d) 389.(b) 390.(d)

391. The weaving design was then embellished with a series of small chained diamond optical  and              A                                                         B       C zigzag lines.   D

392.  Aside from  the   resolution   to   have   more   ecumenical   conferences,   the  most accomplishment of the           A                                                             B group was that it met at all. C D

393. The intelligence ability of an athlete is usually far more than they would expect. A B C D

394. The more Robert tried to please his mother through mere flattery ,the greater he succeeded in            A             B                                               C  D annoying her.

395. Do you know that the population of Washington D. C. is about as many as that of Mineapolis?                              A                               B        C        D

396.  Most  William Faulkner's novels  deal with  the universal  problems of evil  represented  by  family        A                                B                         C            D disintegration and degeneration.       391.(c) 392.(b) 393.(c) 394.(c) 395.(c) 396.( )

397.  Generally speaking,  tax   returns   must   be   filed  annually, but in few cases  they   must   be  submitted              A                                         B               C  every six months. D

398. A question often posed about journalism is "How much freedom should reporters have interpreting A B C any given news item?" D

399. An analytical index group many individual subtopics under major subject headings.                           A            B                C            D

400. Within the Alamo were one hundred and eighty men, more than two thirds of them  had recently                         A                                                 B migrated from near-by states. C D

401. Every one of the boys ___________ here yesterday has a bicycle. a. was b. were c. who was d. who were

402. The building opposite to the bank is among the few higher ones that has been put up during the 

                     A                            B                          C last few years.  D

397.(c) 398.(d) 399.(a) 400.(b) 401.(d) 402.(c)

403. The hurricane, coming while it did, took the Florida coastal community by surprise. A B C D

404. Why did the Galapagos Islands have so many finches,            a different kind of beak suited to  its special feeding habits? a. each has        b. with each          c. each with          d. with which

405. All steam engines work for the same reason : steam occupies more than 1,700  times      __   the  water from which it comes.     a.  of the space of much of     b.  much of the space     c.  with as much space as     d.  as much space as 406.   Scientists  have recently argued  that   Einstein's   contribution  to  physics   and  mathematics are less                                               A                                                                         B  C important as Newton's.           D

407. Even the most discriminating gourmet will agree that food in the South is as good as any other                           A                           B                           C  D region in the country.

408. The study of astronomy is so recent as the past centuries, but astrology has existed for thousands                                 A                              B     C            D of years.

409. The scientists who are probably mostly interested in flights to the moon are  geologists.

410. Microwave oven thermometers are more cost than other kinds of thermometers.                                    A        B         C    D

411. Mercury is the most small planet in the solar system and the closest to the sun.        A               B            C                              D

412. The store                                            . a. that had the recently big sale went bankrupt b. that recently had the big sale went bankrupt c. that had the big recently sale went bankrupt d. that had the big sale went recently bankrupt

413. The intelligence ability of an athlete is usually for more than they would expect. A B C D

403.(B) 404.(C) 405.(D) 406.(C) 407.(D) 408.(A) 409.(D) 410.(B) 411.(B) 412.(B) 413.(C)

414. Farmers grow popcorn in much the same way .......... field corn, except that the rows are planted closer together. a. that they grow b. that grow c. they grow it d. do they grow

415. ______________ often added to sauces and soups, is plentiful and relatively inexpensive. a. Parsely, an herb that is b. For parsely, an herb to be c. An herb, parsely is d. Parsely, is that herb

416. The Grapes of Wrath, a novel about the Depression years of the 1930's, is one of John Steinback's _____________ books. a. most famous b. the most famous c. are most famous d. and most famous

417. A semiconductor is a substance that seldom conducts electricity, but ____________ under certain circumstances. a. so can do b. do so can c. can do so d. so do can

418. Among the giants of the sea _______________ which may weigh up to 1,000 pounds. a. tuna b. the tuna c. being the tuna d. is the tuna

419. ___________________ one of more units of living substance called protoplasm. a. All living things consist of b. Although all living things that consist of c. All living things consisting of d. In all living things consisting of

420. A newspaper's political cartoons ______________ capsule versions of editorial opinion. a. serve as b. serve c. in serving d. be served

421. A painter who lived most of his life in the Middle West, Grant Wood has called America's         A                 B         C                                         D  "Painter of the Soil."

422. Chromosomes  as appear  long, tangled  threads  when they  first become  visible  during  the  early                      A                       B                   C                 D prophase stage of mitosis.       414.(A) 415.(A) 416.(A) 417.(C) 418.(D) 419.(A) 420.(A) 421.(D) 422.(A)

423. Dallas, Texas, has become a national hub of bank, fashion, manufacturing, trade, and transportation.                      A          B             C                         D          

424 Vibrantly woven Navajo rugs and tapestries are marks of elegant and taste in homes and art  collections

              A                                           B                C  the world over.       D

425. Lillian D. Wald was an ardent pacifist, and participants in peace movements held her in big regard.                                   A           B                          C         D 

426. ................... west of the Rocky Mountains. (A) Tornadoes almost occur never (B) Tornadoes never almost occur (C) Never tornadoes almost occur (D) Tornadoes almost never occur

427.  In .................., the advent of the telephone, radio, and television has made rapid long-distance communication possible. (A) one hundred years later (B) one hundred years ago (C) the one hundred years since (D) the last one hundred years

428. Not every peal that is found ..................... (A) of value (B) is valuable (C) to be valued (D) valuable

Answer. 423. (C) 424. (B) 425. (D) 426. (D) 427. (D) 428. (B)

429. The clay burial vessels from the early Hopewell culture of North America are decorated with zigzag, grooved, and .................... (A) geometrically designed (B) designs are geometric (C) geometric designs (D) geometry designed

430. The common field mouse is about four inches long and has a three-inched tail.            A     B                             C                 D            

431 manifest is an itemizing list of the goods or passengers a vessel is carrying.                A      B             C                                D    

432. Minoleum is a trade name for the waterproof floors covering most often used in kitchen.                   A                           B               C             D     

433. In 1984 the world population rose to over 47 billion, up almost 85 million from an estimate made  the                                A                        B                       C  year ago.      D

434. Young eagles develop adult markings  after their  third  year, at  which time  they leave  parental supervise                             A                  B              C                      D  and seek their own mates and territories.

435. The first person believed  to have used  a series  of photograph  to produce  an illusion of

movement was                                 A                    B           C          D   coleman sellers.

Answer. 429. (C) 430. (D) 431. (B) 432. (B) 433. (D) 434. (D) 435. (B)

436. The fruit of the plantation looks much like a banana, and it is not so sweet or so pleasing in  flavor.                                  A                B                          C   D

437. Average world temperatures  have risen  on  half  a degree  celsius  since  the mid­nineteenth  century.                     A                   B         C            D          

438.  Why  certain plants contain alkaloids  remains  a mystery,  although  botanists have  formulated a number of      A                                 B                 C                    theory to explain it.   D

439. Dimness of light will not harm the eyes any more than taking a photograph in dimly light can  harm a                        A                     B           C                    D camera.

440. Contemporary film directors, some of them write the scripts for, act in, and even produce their own                                          A                                  B motion pictures, are thereby assuming ever more control of their art.   C                     D

441. The early periods of aviation in the United States was marked by exhibition flights made by individual                      A                                                  B   C fliers or by teams of performers at country fairs.                   D Answer. 436. (A) 437. (B) 438. (D) 439. (D) 440. (A) 441. (A)

442. Being the biggest expanse of brackish water in the world, the Baltic sea is of special  interesting        A                                     B                      C            D to scientists.

443. While studying the chemistry of human body, Dr. Rosalyn Yalow won a Nobel Prize for the research she                        A            B                   conducted on the role of hormones.      C            D    

444. During early nineteenth century, the building of canals and railroads strengthened the  state of indiana's           A                                  B                         C links with the eastern United States.       D

445. Massachusetts was first explored in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, and the first                             A                             B                 C permanent settlement at plymouth in 1620.                D

446. Eagles are predatory birds that have large, heavy, hooked bills and strong, sharp claws called as 'talons'.                                 A                   B                    C  D

447. Most of our ideas of what  ancient   people   looked  and  dressed   come  from  the  works of Renaissance artists.                          A                      B                C         D Answer. 442. (D) 443. (B) 444. (A) 445. (D) 446. (D) 447. (A)

448. Ancient Egyptians used asbetos to weave funeral garments for kings and another important people.                                      A              B         C         D   

449. Besides being a good heat and electrical insulator, other use of asbestos has been to  keep down noise        A                  B                           C                  D levels in public buildings.

450. Asbestos can stand so high  temperatures  that  it was used  as  protective  clothing  by fire  fighters.                          A                 B             C             D

451. A small amount of radiation can help cure someone, whereas too many will cause harm.         A                             B              C       D  

452. A few radon can be found in many types of soil.       A                 B        C            D

453. Radon gas is not a threat to human life almost of the time.                   A B             C       D 

454. No new innovations have been developed to replace asbestos being used for brake linings on  cars.                A                B                                C          D 

455. Other, mere common, name for crocidolite is blue asbestos because of its color.       A         B                                              C     D

Answer. 448. (D) 449. (C) 450. (A) 451. (D) 452. (A) 453. (D) 454. (A) 455. (A)

456. When asbestos fibers are breathed in, they make damage to our lungs.        A                        B             C          D

457. A living polyp looks like little sea anemone, with tentacles to trap tiny animals for food.         A            B     C                                                 D 

458.  Investment banks do not accept deposits from the public or do loans to  businesses or  individuals.          A                           B                     C              D

459. .................... the surface of metal, but also weakens it. (A) Not only does rust corrode (B) Not only rust corrode (C) Rust, which not only corrode (D) Rust not only corrodes

460.   All   marble   is   composed   of   crystals   of   the   minerals   calcite   or  dobmite, ...................., are perfectly white. (A) when, pure which (B) when, which pure (C) which, pure when (D) which, when pure

461. A body weighs .................... from the surface of the Earth. (A) less the farther it gets (B) the farther it gets, the less (C) less than it gets farther (D) less than it, the farther it gets

Answer. 456. (C) 457. (C) 458. (C) 459. (D) 460. (D) 461. (A)

462. Any property that a bankrupt person may still have is usually divided among the various  people to whom           A                                B                        C   money are owed.           D 463. When a bacterium becomes to large, it splits on half and forms two new bacteria, .................... its own cell wall and protoplasm. (A) each has (B) with each (C) has each (D) each with

464. Of all the native American tribes, the shawnee Indians were a most transient.         A                     B                        C     D

465. Many corporations have found that doing a great deal of business in the telephone is more profitable                                   A                B                      C  D  than sending officials on frequent business trips.

466. The body does not stay at the alike temperature from morning till night.                A       B         C                              D

467. The  concentration  of hemoglobin in branchiopod blood varies  inverse with  the oxygen  content of the                          A                                                                                   B  C surrounding waters.     D

Answer. 462. (D) 463. (D) 464. (D) 465. (C) 466. (C) 467. (B)

468. Underground gold deposits are usually wedged in the cracks of burying quarts slabs.          A               B                             C        D

469. The photographs of Mars taken by satellite are .................... than those  taken from the Earth. (A) clearest (B) the clearest (C) much clearer (D) more clearer

470. A loudspeaker functions on the same principle that the telephone receiver does, but  is more larger and                        A           B                                               C  louder.   D

471. We cannot conquer disease nor we cannot educate all humanity.                   A        B          C                 D

472.  In many parts  of the United States,  houses  are considerably more energy efficient  than they are a decade                              A                                               B  C  ago. D

473. Electric streetlight have been first used in 1879 and soon replaced gas­burning lamps.        A                 B          C             D

474. New York city has been the capital of New York State until 1797, when the state capital was moved to                       A           B                                C  D  Albany.

Answer. 468. ( ) 469. (C) 470. (C) 471. (C) 472. (C) 473. (B) 474. (A)

475. Our friends are expected to assume the burden of their own defense, .................... they are competent to do. (A) which we are certain (B) that we are certain of (C) of which we are sure (D) for which we are sure

476. I have written about the change in the social system ................... to promote happiness. (A) to require (B) requiring (C) to be required (D) required

477. Croquet is a popular lawn game which players hit wooden balls through wire arches called wickets.                                     A                  B                  C       D

478. The seventeenth century was one in that many significant advances were made in both science and                                          A     B                         C         D philosophy.

479.  In the attempt to control inflation by  eliminating social programs,  there are  ethical limits 

beyond where                                      A                              B  C many economists and politicians are reluctant to go.                                            D Answer. 475. (A) 476. (D) 477. (A) 478. (A) 479. (C)

480. Spring is arriving a week earlier in the Northern hemisphere than it was a decede ago, and strange                                      A                            B            C things are happening with wildlife.             D

481. The U.S. Senate Department warms that unless significant steps are done  soon,   greenhouse   gas  concentrations                                                                 A will very likely triple in a hundred years, reaching levels higher than at any time in the last 50  million years.                   B                C      D    

482. A butterfly in the American West known Edith's checkerspot has moved about 200km  north of where it                            A                                         B                                                 C  D  used to live.

483.  Fifty eight years after  novel  Richard Wright left his  home in  Mississippi, the state  proclaimed November                      A    B                          C                           D 21 28 as Richard Wright Week.∼

484. Alexander Graman Bell received a potent in 1880 for the ideas of using light to relay sound via a  telephone.                             A              B           C                 D

485. Both as a hobby and as a profession, photography has fascinated people for more than hundred years.        A                                                 B                 C  D

Answer. 480. (B) 481. (A) 482. (B) 483. (B) 484. (C) 485. (D)

486. For all their knowledge and years' observations, astronomers have more questions than answers about                 A                                                           B  C Hally's or any other comet.                          D

487. The conditions most favorable to the form of dew are relatively high humidity and a clam, clear atmosphere.                          A            B          C                               D

488. They employed a sensitive computerized clocking devise capable of defecting orbital timing  changes of              A                                  B          C only a fifty-millionth of a second.


489.  Traditionally, ethnographers and linguistics have paid  little   attention   to   cultural  interpretations given to silence,                                                                                         A  B  or to the types of social contexts in which tends to occur.       C                                 D 

490. .................... that the formation of the sun, the planets, and other  stars began with the condensation of an interstellar gas cloud. (A) Believing (B) To believe (C) The belief  (D) It is believed

Answer. 486. (B) 487. (B) 488. (B) 489. (D) 490. (D)

491. It is a widely held theory which the ancestral prototype of the flowering Asterales  was a woody plant,           A                   B                                                C  perhaps a small tree.        D

492. It is inconceivable if aggression against the small republic would not be met with  the full force of her                                           A                                                                                 B  C       D allies' military power.

493. It was not until the accident and his hospital confinement in 1970, when he made up his  mind to become               A                                                  B         C  D a doctor.

494. Various animals have shells that keep themselves from growing beyond a certain size.        A                                   B                    C       D 

495. The president announced that he himself would act upon the evidence as presented to  himself  by the                                     A              B                     C         D congressional committee.

496. While remaining accountable to the administration as well as to those individuals who submit complaints,                    A                                 B                           C an arbitrator must decide each case on their own merits.                                      D 497. Zoologists have determined that each deer usually has many mates in the lifetime.                               A                   B              C D

Answer. 491. (B) 492. (A) 493. (B) 494. (B) 495. (D) 496.(D) 497.( )

498. The space shuttle will continue to provide scientific researches along with its role to provide  transportation

                             A                        B  services to private industry.        C                D

499. New Orleans is different from most any other city in the United States.          A                  B    C         D

500. At least ninety­nine  percent  of the  atmosphere's  total mass is contained  within  a  distance of fifty miles                           A               B                               C       D above the Earth.

501. In the United States, the individual  income tax  is the  governmental  largest source  of  revenue.                                         A                B            C            D

502. The study of astronomy is so recent as the past centuries, but astrology has existed for  thousands of                              A               B             C               D   time.

503. Dried fruits are not costly to produce but can be stored satisfactorily for long periods of time.                         A             B                    C               D

504. Spectrum analysis was led to the dramatic discovery of the element helium.                         A    B                      C           D

Answer. 498. (B) 499. (A) 500. (B) 501. (B) 502. (D) 503. (D) 504. (D)

505. He was standing quietly when presently a young woman, who had been combing her hair and watched                                                            A                                              B  C him, approached and asked him for directions.                               D 506. The art students were enthralled by the sheer beauty of the portrait .................... before them. (A) which hang (B) which has hung (C) by that hung (D) which hung

507. The folklore of the native of the Bland of uffa includes some of the most strangest legends known to                         A                          B                      C  D anthropology

508. Jupiter is the fifth planet from  the Sun  and  the biggest  planet  among  the solar  system, with a diameter                                     A            B approximately eleven times that of the Earth.          C                    D

509.  As  every  other  nation, the United States  used to define  its  unit of currency, the 

dollar, in terms of the       A        B                                C      D            gold standard.

510. Life insurance, before available only to young, healthy persons, can now be obtained for old people and                      A              B                                       C even for pets.       D

Answer. 505. (C) 506. (D) 507. (C) 508. (C) 509. (A) 510. (A)

511. Within the Alamo was one hundred and eighty men, more than two thirds of whom had recently  migrated                       A                                              B  C from near-by states.                D

512. Because the publicity had been poorly handled, the organizers of the rally were afraid that hardly many                                    A                                        B  C people would attend.            D

513. where to find him and how to find him ..................... to us. (A) is not known (B) not known (C) has not known (D) are not known

514. The museum uses volunteers from the community who act as a guide  to show visitors the displays of                     A                                          B        C local artists' work.            D

515. If one had read all of the committee's report, you would not have been so quick to disagree.               A                      B        C                         D    

516. Either the carpenters or the electrician can store their tools in the shed, but there is no  room for both       A                                           B            C           D sets.

Answer. 511. (A)  512. (C)  513. (A)  514. (B)  515. (C)  516. (B)

517. The Unites States census of 1880 took seven years to compile and put together.                             A       B       C                D

518. The more one knows about Elizabethan England, the more you understand the importance of the  British                     A     B                                     C              D navy.

519. After careful consideration and planning, he was determined .................. (A) that the merger should go (B) to go on merging (C) to start merging (D) to go ahead with the merger

520. Although the mole cricket spends most of its underground life, it is a strong flier.        A                      B                     C                D

521. ............... about Emily Dickinson's psychological and emotional well-being is inferred from her poems and letters. (A) What is known (B) To be known (C) Knowing is (D) Known

Answer.  517. (D)  518. (C)  519. (D)  520. (C)  521. (A)

522. Mountain ranges are important that they determine the climate and water flow of surrounding regions.                                                                    A                   B               C  D

523.  In  years scientists have been  warming  that the ever­increasing emissions of  carbon dioxide will warm the         A                                                           B  C globe with disastrous consequence.                              D

524. The courage and heroic of kapiolani, high chief of Hawaii in the early nineteenth  century, were the inspiration            A         B                                                           C  D for a poem by Tennyson.

525. While ancient times people simply painted inanimate objects, during the Renaissance the  painting of                      A                                                                                                     B   C "still life" developed as an accepted art form.                    D

526. History sometimes effects a kind of reverse perspective in one's perception of the  past : events appear                A                                               B  C more significant the for away they get.                    D

527. All of the United States Presidents, James Buchanan is the only one who was not married.       A                                                       B     C           D

Answer.  522. (A)  523. (A)  524. (B)  525. (A)  526. (D)  527. (A)

528. Much of the precipitation that falls on the earth ................. by plants

(A) are absorbed (B) absorbed (C) which is absorbed (D) is absorbed

529. The fountain pen, which feeds ink to the pen point from a reservoir, was first produced successfully on                                     A               B              C               D a commercial scale in the 1880's.

530. Seven of planets rotate in the same direction as their orbital motions.                A      B                       C               D

531. A rat's sharp teeth can gnaw through wood, plaster, or soft metallic such as led.              A                    B                 C        D

532. The Pacific is the deepest ocean, with ................ at more profound depths  than any  other ocean. (A) a bottom area more than (B) more bottom area (C) more bottom area than  (D) a bottom area more

Answer. 528. (D) 529. (D) 530. (A) 531. (D) 532. (B)

533. Mealii Kalama, creator of over 400 Hawaiian quilts, was granted a National Heritage Fellowship  in 1985 for                             A                         B herself contributions to folk art.        C       D

534. Our urge to classify different life forms and give us names seems to be as old as the human race.           A                                      B          C             D

535. Each  day   16,000   people   contract   HIV,  nearly  doubled  the   previous  estimate  of   the  infection rate.       A                                  B      C                  D

536. In the last year in Europe and the United States, the biggest research breakthroughs since the virus was                                                         A                   B discovered in 1981 commuted the disease from a certain death sentence to a nagging ­ though  still deadly                       C                       D ­ infection.

537.   Multicolored   woodcuts   must   be   printed   with   as   many   blocks  as .................... colors in  the composition. (A) there are  (B) many (C) some of  (D) it is

Answer. 533. (C) 534. (B) 535. (C) 536. (C) 537. (A)

538. They would come out to attack and then disappeared  back  into  the  deep  forests,  where  their 

opponents                                               A       B           C           D were at a disadvantage.

539. The prime minister's conviction for improper campaign practices is likely  to result in increasing pressure                           A                                      B      C that she resigns.           D

540. Carbon-14 analysis is not able to be used to date such inorganic materials as potty shards or rock and                                                       A                                   B  C metal artifacts, often the only traces of early man.                     D

541. He confessed that for months he was scarcely being able to look at the lawyer without become  angry.                           A              B        C                          D

542. Girls usually mature faster  than boys,  so that  at kindergarten age girl  may be nearly  a year  advanced                      A                   B                               C  over a boy of same age.                       D

543. Artificial rubies and sapphires have the same hard and composition as the real stones.        A                                 B    C                        D

Answer. 538. (A) 539. (D) 540. (A) 541. (C) 542. (D) 543. (C)

544. Professor Forester thought that because historical parrels are so much used unprecisely and                                        A                             B uncritically it would be better to avoid them altogether in our themes.                  C       D                                 545. A microphone enables a  soft  tone  to be amplified, thus making  it possible the gentle  renditions of                               A             B                C           romantic love songs in a large hall.     D  546. Bauxite ares differ  considerably physical  appearance,  according  to their  impurities  and  structural                                   A                         B                C  D compositions. 

547. The land of the united states is as varied as is vast.              A                     B     C     D   548. No  other  beverage comes  even  close to rivaling coffee as the  more widely  drunk  refreshment in the           A         B      C

world.    D 549. Since over a foot of snow fell, the principal decided at 12:30 to dismiss all classes early. A B C D

550. The giant sequoia is one of the largest trees in the world, but they are not merely as tall as the             A                     B related redwood, which reaches a height of 385 feet.                           C    D   551.  There are almost a million people with spanish surnames in Los Angeles, out of a  total population          A        B of more than seven millions. C D 552. Recent archaeological studies indicate that Acoma was established by A.D 1100, however making it 

  A      B        C  the oldest continuously occupied village in the United States                        D 553. I intended to have written her a letter yesterday, but I forgot to because of the day and evening                       A      B   C    appointment that I did. D 554. Organic gardeners find that leaves were one of the best substances to add to compost piles.                 A B            C                  D

555. Present-day farms are more extensive than those in the past and will no doubt become largest. A B C D

556. Toward the end of her life Anne Sullivan Macy, Helen Keller's teacher, finally started  to receive the                  A     B national recognition that previously had been withholded. C D

544.(B) 545.(C) 546.(A) 547.(D) 548.(C) 549.(B) 550.(A) 551.(D) 552.(B) 553.(A) 554.(D) 555.(D) 556.(D)

557. _______ in science was important for Faraday. (A) Children that were interested (B) That children interested (C) That children should be interested (D) That interested children

558. Despite recent attempts to prove _______ did indeed reach the North Pole in 1909, the evidence still remains questionable. (A) What Robert Peary (B) That Robert Peary (C) Robert Peary, who (D) Robert Peary was

559. _______so incredible B that it can grow 385 miles of roots in four months, or about 3 miles in a day. (A) That makes the rye plant (B) What makes the rye plant (C) The rye plant (D) The rye plant which was

560. _______ was lowered to the sea bed in a glass container to make observation B debated. (A) Alexander the Great who (B) Whether Alexander the great (C) Alexander the Great (D) What Alexander the great

561. A coral reef consists in millions of tiny coral polypse which are a form of small animal related to                               A                                     B  C      D anemones and jelly fishes.

562. _______ more than 2000 minerals are known, nearly all rocks are formed from  seven mineral groups.

   (A) Although (B) However (C) Despite (D) Since        

563. _______ energy for growth or repair, a plant must carry out photosynthesis    (A) To obtain (B) It obtains (C) It is obtaining (D) Obtaining

564. Foods of animal origin generally supply greater amounts of iron to the diet  than __    (A) are foods of plant origin    (B) foods of plant origins     (C) do foods of plant origin    (D) plant origin foods

565. _______ food we eat lacks minerals, then the body can use the stores from its  bones for more urgent needs.    (A) As the (B) If the (C) The (D) Since

566. Psychologists use  standardized tests  to help  measure  abilities, aptitudes,  interesting candy, baked                              A                     B                          C goods, and canned goods.              D

567. When radio programs became popular, approximately around 1925, many people stopped  attending              A                                           B                                 C  D movies.

Answer. 557.(C) 558.(B) 559.(B) 560.(B) 561.(A) 562.(A) 563.(A) 564.(C) 565.(B) 566. (C) 567.(B) 

568. Uranium is extremely reactive _______. It combines vigorously with oxygen.

   (A) such (B) and (C) which (D) what

569. In blank verse         of ten syllables, fire of which are accented. 

   (A) line consists of each    (B) consists of each line    (C) each line consists    (D) it consists of each line

570. Wagon trains were organized by defense with an almost military discipline. A B C D

571. Saturn was the most outer of the planets known in ancient times.        A                B           C         D

572. Pluto, the outermost planet of the solar system, discovered photographically in March 1930.                      A              B       C       D 

573. John Quincy Adams           by most students of diplomacy the greatest of the  United States secretaries of state. 

   (A) considered (B) has considered     (C) is considered (D) considering

574. International cartels              in the drug and steel industries until the  late 1930's. 

   (A) were existed (B) that existed     (C) existed (D) existing 

575. Most educators today consider computer literacy being a necessary addition to the basic scholastic

    A      B        C                      D  requirements.

576. Nutritionists           goat milk to be rich, nourishing and readily digested.     (A) consider (B) is considered (C) are considered (D) considering 

577. Charles Babbage is generally considered having invented the first computer.            A        B            C             D

578. The operetta first has emerged as a popular form of musical theater in the nineteenth century. A B C D

Answer 568.(A) 569.(C) 570.(B) 571.(B) 572.(B) 573.(C) 574.(C) 575.(B) 576.(A) 577.(C) 578.(A)

579. More ethnic and cultural groups are represented in Hawaii than any other states. A B C D

580. Rocky shores that _______ beaches are eventually destroyed by the sea. (A) lack (B) without (C) do not (D) no

581. A person's blood flows through a pipeline of vessels that, end to end, would stretch more than _______ half times around the Earth at the equator. (A) twice a (B) two and a (C) two and (D) twice and

582. Like that of any other commodities, the value of gold results from the interplay of he forces of A B C supply and demand. D

583. Guar is a sturdy drought­resistant legume grows for forage and for its seeds. A B C D

584. Inheritance laws governing the distribution of property are complicate and differ in the various states.                         A                                        B          C  D

585. All paper is formed into sheets from _______    (A) which cellulose fibers     (B) cellulose fibers     (C) fibers are cellulose     (D) which fibers are cellulose 

586. Gasoline is a blend hundreds of chemical compounds called hydrocarbons.        A               B                   C            D  587. By destroying harmful germs, disinfectants stop decay from becoming progressively worst. A B C D

588. Corporations, companies owned by much stockholders rather than by a single proprietor, began  to 

      A        B                    C play an important economic role in the late nineteenth century.                             D  589.   Because   of   a  high  birthrate   and  considerable  immigration,   the   united   states  population in the late 

   A         B nineteenth century increased tremendously into 31 million in 1860                       C                  D    to 76million in 1900.

590. Humus, a substance found in soil, is soft and supply and enables plant roots to  end out tiny hairs 

  A              B                                        C through that they absorb water and food.          D 

Answer:  579.(D) 580.(A) 581.(B) 582.(B) 583.(C) 584.(B) 585.(B) 586.(B) 587.(D) 588.(B) 589. (D) 590.(D)

591.   Drumbeats  which  the   actual   words   of  their tribal  language  is  communicated   is   a  traditional form of                  A      B        C communication in Africa.       D

592. A silkworm has glands that secrete a liquid that hardens into silk   _______  comes into contact with air.     (A) as it (B) when (C) that (D) it 

593. _______ sodium chloride(salt) is not used by sea­living organisms, it forms the  dominant mineral in seawater.    (A) Since (B) Although (C) It is since (D) Although it

594. It is said that a special  varnish used  on  a violin  helps  to produce  the more  beautiful  tone.

         A          B       C        D

595. Recently doctors warned that too much animal fat in the diet can lead to heart  disease, _______ special types of margarine made with vegetable oils are becoming  popular.    (A) because (B) so (C) and since (D) except 

596. Most scholars are unsure whether the wheel was first used by potters in Mesopotamia  and in the        A          B       C                    D central or eastern pants of Europe.

597. The carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in food are breaked down  into simpler forms in the  digestive tract.                          A              B           C  D

598. Each lichen consists of an alga and a fungus that lives together in a kind of plant partnership.       A       B  C  D

599. The aurora is a common features of the planet Earth and appears along two oval belts  called the 

A   B     C                   D  auroral ovals.

600.   The   activities   of   the   Tennesse   Valley   Authority   have   aided   the   economic  rehabilitation of the Tennesse Valley, _______ of some 40,000 square miles.    (A) an area (B) its area (C) area (D) areas

601. Civilization today had depended on woods at great cost to the world's natural resources. A B C D

602. The marimba is a percussion instrument alike to xylophone.       A    B                 C        D 

603. A soluble substance, alkali reacts with acids to do salts.                   A             B          C     D

604. The sun's rays shine more directly at the equator than do they at the poles. A B C D

Answer: 591.(A) 592.(B) 593.(A) 594.(D) 595.(B) 596.(D) 597.(B) 598.(B) 599.(A) 600.() 601.(A) 602.(D) 603.(D) 604.(C)

605. A reagent is any chemical that reacts in a predictable way _______ with other chemicals. (A) when mixed (B) when is mixed (C) it mixed (D) mixed is

606. In 1977, Marilyn Yadlowski, a undergraduate at Cornell University, found that pigeons had  excellent              A   B low­frequency hearing, far surpassing that of humans.


607. Being the biggest expanse of brackish water in the world, the Baltic sea is of  special interesting to        A    B       C   D   scientists.

608. The glass tube in a fluorescent lamp contains mercury vapor under small pressure.            A      B     C                           D 

609. The discovery of gold in 1848 transformed San Francisco suddenly form a quiet port into  one of the              A       B       C world's richest and most famous city. D

610. Cotton is one of the most popular fiber used to make clothes.       A       B        C          D

611. The wood of the tulip tree, sometimes referred to as American Whitewood, is one of the most        A          B                                       C valuable timber product in the United states.                   D

612. Penicillin is perhaps the drug _______ more lives than any other in the history  of medicine.    (A) what has saved (B) which saved (C) which has saved (D) who saves

613. Biochemists use fireflies to study bioluminescence, _______.    (A) the heatless light given off by certain plants and animals.    (B) certain plants and animals give off the heatless light    (C) which certain plants and animals give off the heatless light    (D) is the heatless light given off by certain plants and animals 614. Tenant farmers are who either rent a farm and work it for themselves or work the  farm for the 

 A        B     C       D owner and receive payment.

615. The opening section of a sonata is the longest and _______.    (A) introduces its principal theme    (B) its principal theme introduced    (C) being introduced its principal theme    (D) its principal theme introducing

Answer: 605.(A) 606.(A) 607.(D) 608.(D) 609.(D) 610.(C) 611.(A) 612.(C) 613.(A) 614.(A) 615. (A)

616. A red-hair boy is needed to play the part of Alfred in this new comedy.     A B     C    D

617. Igneous rock _______ from the cooling and solidification of molten matter from  the Earth's interior.    (A) being originated (B) have originated (C) originates (D) originating

618.  Considerably higher  on the smoothed rock  appear  fourteen figures  in precisely  the same  style like         A B  C                 D those at the Tuchte, Jum Sheed.

619.  Almost  every morning I receive cards  inviting me  to art exhibitions, and on the  cards had been        A      B   C    D  photographs of the works exhibited.

620. In the past decade an embarrassed number of monks have demonstrated that beneath their  hairshirts 

       A  B beats a desire for something besides monastic self­denial.   C       D 

621. The colonists who first settled in New England so did because they felt there was  no social justice 

   A      B                      C in their homeland of England.                   D

622. Arteries with  poor  blood flow can leave the heart muscle  starve  for oxygen,  a condition that often 

   A        B            C  leads to heart attack. D

623. In 1948, Harry Truman was re-elected the president of  the united states to the surprise of all  those 

A     B                   C who had predicted his defeat. D

624. In 1870, the general attorney was made head of the Department of Justice, given an  enlarged  staff.

A      B      C               D

625. Columbus miscalculated  the  width of the Pacific Ocean and therefore  made  the  unexpected discovery 

    A          B of the Americans where he expected to find India and China.          C               D

626.   Major  advertising  companies   have   traditionally   volunteered  their  time  to publicize service accounts.


627. Scientists at the medical center are trying to determine that there is a relationship between        A     B   C

saccharine and cancer.     D

628. Seldom have cactus plants found outside of North America.        A     B  C   D

629.  In a  recent survey of Americans, more than 75 percent  expressed  the view that  a government should        A       B                 C take a more active role in health care.               D

Answer 616.(A) 617.(C) 618.(D) 619.(D) 620.(A) 621.(B) 622.(B) 623A) 624.(A) 625.(D) 626. (C) 627.(B) 628.(B) 629.(C) 

630. The dangers of noise  are, unfortunately, not as clear-cut  as  are those  from  other most  health  hazards.

  A      B         C            D

631. Few economists believe that the  quicker  way  to reduce  the federal deficit is to  place increased 

       A      B                     C restrictions on foreign imports.            D 

632. Although the audience was well informed, no one knew _______ he spoke.    (A) which (B) that which (C) of which (D) of what 

633. With its antlers _______ the feet of a duck, the North American moose is easy  to identify.   (A) web­like (B) like a web (C) webbed like (D) the webs like

634. When Darwin presented his explanation of how living things evolve, he challenged the belief that A B human beings have special, indeed unique place in the universe.                      C       D

635. A century and  more after  his death, Poe is still  among  the  most popular  in  America  authors.

A      B     C    D

636. William Emerson died in 1811, when the boy was eight, left his window to face poverty and to

A B educate their five sons.  C      D 

637. Few men of letters have been more fully honored in their own day than T.S. Eliot,  and even who 

      A     B strongly disagreed with him seemed content with his selection for the Nobel Prize. C D

638. Thanksgiving Day, a unique North American Holiday, is celebrated in the United states on the fourth

A B C D Thursday in November.

639. A theory makes a series of simplifying assumption  from which it deduces how people  will behave.


640. A long life is not just the result of being good for the body and staring off  disease.        A B    C D 

641. Development refers to a process of change in growth and capability over time, with a function of 

               A       B         C         D both maturation and interaction with the environment. 

Answer. 630.(D) 631.(A) 632.(D) 633.(C) 634.(C) 635.(D) 636.(A) 637.(B) 638.(B) 639.(B) 640. (C) 641.(D)

642. The pharmacology is recent science, but it is closely connected with one of the  oldest, the                          A                                                                     B   C giving of remedies to relieve disease.              D

643. The puffer is a type of fish that can inflate one's body like a balloon.                   A              B              C         D

644. The Louisiana Purchase, made in 1803, almost was doubled the size of the United States.              A                             B        C       D     

645. Thomas Malthus claimed that disease, war, famine, and _________________  act as checks on population growth. A) moral restraining B) morally restrain C) by moral restraint D )moral restraint

646. ________ most brilliant Greek inventor was Archmedes , who lived about 2250 years ago. A) The B) One of the C) As the D) Of the

647. ________________ around stones that are sun-warmed, even the smallest of stones creates tiny currents of warm air. A) The cool air B) If the air is cool C) That the air cools D) The cooler the air

648. The nitrogen make up over 78 percent of the Earth's atmosphere, the gaseous mass          A                B         C                          surrounding the planet.      D

649. The giant panda closely resembles the bear, but account of certain anatomical features  it                       A       B                    C is placed in the racoon family.                                              D

650.  Pharmacist  fill   drug   prescriptions,  keeping  records   of   the   drugs   their  patients are taking to        A                              B            make sure that harmful combinations are not prescribed.     C                                      D

  651. With the incorporation of jazz history into current academic curricular, leading jazz                     A                            B                         C musicians are now founding on the faculties off several universities.                       D

652. In 1879, _____________ , Alice Freeman Parmer became head of the history  department at wellesley. A) twenty- four years B) at the age of twenty-four C) age twenty-four D) of twenty-four years

653. Knowledge of  the  rate  at which  a  ship  is  travelling  through  the  water  is  important if the           A                  B                           C navigator need to estimate the time of arrival.              D

654. The Texas Panhandle region, in the northwestern part of the State, produces more                                    A                 B wheat, cotten, and grain sorghum than any of other area of Texas.          C                              D

  * ANSWER  642.A 643.C 644.C 645.D 646.A 647.? 648.A 649.C 650.A 651.?  652.B  653.D  654.D

655. ____________ not a single hard-surfaced road during the entire colonial period aside from city streets. A) It was B) There was C) It D) There were

656. _____________ in 1776 that the declaration of independence was signed. A) It was B) There was C) There D) It

657. _______________ more than 300,000 people in Philadelphia by the end of the colonial period, making it the largest city in the colonies. A) There was B) It was C) They were D )There were

658. In the eighteen century, _____________ not many women who had access to formal education in the colonies. A) There were B) It was C) Were D) Were there

659. After the Revolution, although some advances were made in education __________ a slow process. A) they were B) it C) it was D) there was

660. _______________ today was developed by the Swiss scientist Horace de Sassure around 1773. A) Mountaineering it as we know B) Mountaineering as we know C) We know mountaineering is D) We know there is mountaineering

661. The marathon, first staged in 1896, _____________ the legendary feat of a Greek soldier who carried news of victory from the battlefield at Marathon to Athens. A) was commemorated B) commemorated C) commemorates D) commemorating

662. The Olympic torch ______________ throughout the Games and is then extinguished at the closing ceremony. A) burning B) is burned

C) burned D) burns

663. Seahorses spend much of their time clung with their tails to underwater plants.                 A    B                  C                        D    664. Some fish ______________ distortions of electrical field through special receptors. A) sense B) sense are C) sensing D) senses

665. Mount St. Helens exploded in an eruption with the energy equivalent to 10 million tons        A                  B                                       C   D TNT.

666. Plague and famine can be results in social problems within a community.       A         B               C                                D     667. Konrad 2.Lorenz developed a new approach based on the idea that an animal's behavior is determined by its struggle for survival and is  therefore the product of adaptive evolution,        A       B just as animal's physical features.    C                   D


  655.B 656.A  657.D  658.A  659.C  660.B  661.B  662.D  663.C  664.A  665.B  666.C  667.D

668. Among the most important jazz innovators in the 20th century is Louis Amstrong,          A                 B             C                        D        Fletcher Handerson, Duke Ellington, and Dizzy Gillespie.

669. In 1882 Schuyler Skwats Wheeler invented the fan electrize, a propeller driven by a motor.                                         A            B              C  D

670. Natural adhesives are primarily of animals or vegetable origin.        A                       B               C           D

671. Only rarely _________ neuroses leave a person unable to function in  everyday  situations. A) had      B) are        C) do      D) that

672. Linoleum is a trade name for the waterproof floors covering most often used in kitchens.                   A                             B               C  D      673. The common field mouse is about four inches long and has a three-inched tail.             A     B                              C                  D 

674. Perhaps was his own lack of proper schooling that led Horace Mann  to struggle for            A                             B             C       the important reforms in education.                           D

675. Latent learning is the association of indifferent stimuli or situations with one the other                 A             B                                 C  D without reward.

676. Tooth decay is the most common disease of humanities.       A                        B       C          D

677. A soluble substance alkali reacts with acids to do salts.                   A            B          C    D

678.A great aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart was already famous when she sets out on her                    A                               B                      C ill­fated attempt to circle the globe in 1937.                    D

679. Plants range in size to tiny, single­celled, blue­green algae, invisible to  the  naked eyes,              A          B                                       C to giant sequoias, the largest living plants.                             D

680. During the 1940's science and engineering had an impact on the way music reach its                                                                     A  B audience and even influenced the way in which it was composed.                C                        D

  * ANSWER 668.D 669.B 670.C 671.C 672.B 673.D 674.A 675.D 676.D 677.D 678.C 679.B 680.B?

681. The time has long since passed when inspired amateur working with simple tools come                                 A                               B      up with finding of genuine scientific importance.  C                 D

682. It was upsetting to Tim  to find his classmates responding  so sarcastic   to his  presentation,

                       A                                       B  on which he had worked diligently and seriously for days.      C           D

683. The reviewer declared how there was a dearth of serious books being published on                             A      B         C                           D issues of social importance.

684. Most animals cannot recognize  their  reflection in a mirror  themselves; they usually                                     A                            B react as if confronted by another member of their species.        C                                        D

685. Great salt is fed by fresh-water stems, ____________ is about four to five times as salty as the ocean. A) yet B) which C) there D) despite

686. In Williamsburg, the capital of virginia until 1780, people conducted  themself much like                                  A          B                             C  D the gentry in London.

687. Delicious golden-brown maple syrup comes about the sugary sap of the hard maple.         A          B                        C             D

688. All the blood in the body passes through the heart at least twice the minute.           A                        B                    C              D

689. Kyanite is useful as an insulting substantially because it is heat  resistant and  does                   A                      B         not fuse easily with other materials.           C                 D

690. Every year seals migrate to the Gulf of St. Lawrence in  Canada, congregate on  the ice        A                  B           peak, and there are giving birth to their pubs.                    C               D 691. As a glacier melts, rocks, boulders, trees, and tons of dirt deposit.       A             B                                          C     D 692. Spruce resin was chewed as a thirst quencher by native   Americans, from which                           A          B                                       C pioneers adopted the practice.                  D   693.   His   criticism   does   not  fully express  the   degree  which  the   majority   of 

delegates suggest                                                               A                                     B  C such protection of financial interest extend.                          D

   * ANSWER 681.C 682.B 683.A 684.B 685.A 686.C 687.C 688.D 689.B 690.C 691. C 692.C 693.B

694. It is extremely necessary that you will realize that reading is not only  a physical and               A                            B                        C   D mental process.

695. If Greg would have tried harder to reach the opposit shore, we would not have had to                                     A                     B                                   C  D pick him up in the boat.

696. They are the ones who assert that a better bridge could have been  built have we  had                     A         B                              C               D their assistance.

697. He looked like he had been in some strange land where age advanced at a double pace.                        A                       B                                           C  D

698. I would wear my red dress save it ___________ a stain in the front. A) had B) has C) would have D) has not

699. I would have gone with him to Washington except I had had no time.                        A                         B        C         D

701. M :  " Would you like to visit Los Angeles on your vacation? "     W :  " If I ___________  a week off. " A) have B) had C) have had D) would have

702. Gold was originally valued for the magical powers that ___________ to come from it. A) have thought B) were thinking C) have been thinking

D) were thought

703. M : "If someone falls into deep water and can't swim, what will become of him?" W : "He will probably be            ." A) drowning B) drown C) drowned D) drawn 704.Energy specialists have found that airtight stoves are much more efficient at heat                            A                              B         C         D than fireplaces.

   *  ANSWER 694.B 695.A 696.D 697.A 698.B 699.C 700.D 701.B 702.D 703.C 704.D

705. If each of the seven continents were placed in the Pacific Ocean, it would still be                     A                           B                   C   D room left for another continent the size of Asia.

706. Croquet is a popular lawn game which players hit wooden balls.        A                              B          C   D

707.   There   are   very   few   areas   in   the   world   _____________   be   brown  successfully. A) where apricots can B) apricot can C) where can apricots can D) which apricots can

708. Xenon has a number of applications,          may be mentioned its use in flesh lamps  fog high­speed photography. A) among which B) which C) and which D) each of which

709. The extent of the harmful effect of locoweeds on animals depends on   the soil  which             A                                     B              C  D the plants grow.

711. A majority off people in the United States can get all the calcium their  bodies ________  from the food they eat. A) require B) requires C) requiring

D) to require

712.Of all the economically important plants, palms, have been ______________ . A) the least studied B) studied the least C) study less and less D) to study the less

713. ________ two thirds of the grants made by the Ford Foundation have been for the support of education. A) That B) Why C) About D) What

714.. Scientists are still uncertain of what the universe originated millions of years.                   A       B       C                                D  * ANSWER

705.C 706.B 707.A 708.A 709.D 710.C 711.A 712.A 713.C 714.C

715. Sociological studies have found that deeply hold values and principles are highly resistant to  change.

  A B   C              D 

716. In 1866 to 1833, the bison population in North America was reduced from an estimated 13 million to      A B                 C a few hundred. D

717. Booker T. Washington, an educational leader, worked throughout the lifetime to improve economic     A    B C

conditions for Black people in the united states.     D

718. A dancing is the oldest and liveliest of the arts. A B C D

719. The first  practical investigation into atomic  energy  was made as  part  of  attempt  to  explain the 

A  B     C        D source of solar power.

720.  Documentary  evidence  indicates that portraiture became an  established art form in the  Hudson Valley 

 A      B  C region around the 1660.           D

721. The Earth travels at a high rate of speed around Sun. A B C D

722. Lunar eclipses happen only if the Moon is full, but they do not occur at an every full Moon. 

  A      B    C                 D

723. Since  beginning of photography, inventors have tried to make photographs that duplicate natural        A       B  C     D colors. 

724. Solar eclipses  always begins  on  the Sun's western side and  the end  on their  eastern side.

           A  B     C   D

725. In ancient times books came in cumbersome packages and could not be carried under an arm or read 

  A    B           C on way to work.     D

726. Pewter, a metal with an ancient heritage, is still practical medium for the nonprofessional  A    B      C                            D


Answer 715.(B) 716.(A) 717.(C) 718.(A) 719.(D) 720.(D) 721.(D) 722.(D) 723. (B) 724.(C)  725.(D) 726.(C)

727. The dentistry is a branch of medicine that has developed very dramatically in the last twenty  years        A  B    C     D  . 728.  Although  apples do not grow  during  the cold season, apple trees must have  a such season in order        A    B  C to flourish. D

729. Except for the sun, all stars are too far from the Earth for their distances _______ in miles or kilometers. (A) to be conveniently measured (B) which conveniently measured (C) to measure conveniently (D) conveniently measured

730. My reaction, I suppose, could have been called to be instinctive.      A      B    C D

731. Eagles are predatory birds  that have  large, heavy,  hooked  bills and strong,  sharp claws called as 

   A B       C              D "talons".

732. Each and every witness is expected that he will be asked to give testimony he does not wish to     A  B C        D


733. Thurgood Marshall was appointed to an associate justice of the United States Supreme  Court in 

A B             C                       D 1976.

       734. John Joseph pershing ________ in 1919, the highest rank held by any American  citizen since George Washington. (A) to be full general (B) he made full general (C) made full general  (D) was being made full general 

735. Returning to my room, _______. (A) my watch was missing  (B) I found my watch disappeared  (C) I found my watch missing  (D) the watch was missed

Answer 727.(A) 728.(C) 729.(A) 730.(D) 731.(D) 732.(C) 733.(B) 734.(C) 735.(C) 

736. Bromyrite crystals have diamond­like luster and are usually colorless, but they dark to  brown when 

A   B   C  exposed to light.    D

737. Dr.Mary Mcleod Bethune, the founder of Bethune­Cookman College, served as advisor to  both

A B C D Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman.

738. The photo periodic response of algae actually depends on the duration of darkness, _______.. (A) the light is not on (B) and not on light (C) but is not on the light (D) is not on light

739. The novels  of pearl S. Buck  show  a keen understanding of china and the chinese  people, knowledge

   A  B  which learned by living there of many years.


740. Certain zoologists regard crows and ravens are the most intelligent of birds. A B C D

741. It  is the  interaction  between people, rather than the events that occur in their  lives, that are the main     A          B                  C  focus of social psychology.             D

742.  In the early days of  the united states,  postal charges  were paid by the recipient, and  charges varied

A B C with distance carrying.


743. In  the united states  during  the early 1800's, individual states governments had  more effect on the      A    B  C  economy than did federal government.    D

744. A gunpowder is made from a mixture of potassium nitrate and other substances.      A     B       C     D      

745. Ultraviolet rays are invisible to humans, and ants and honeybees are sensitive to them.   A  B      C   D

746. Humans have no direct perception of infrared rays, unlike the rattlesnake, which has receptors tuned

A        B  in to wavelength longer than 0.7 micron. C D

747. The world would look eerie different if human eyes were sensitive to infrared radiation. A B C D

Answer. 736.(C) 737.(C) 738.(C) 739.(C) 740.(B) 741.(C) 742.(D) 743.(B) 744.(A) 745.(C) 746.(C) 747.(B)

748. In  the   early   nineteenth   century,  some  Europeans   were   very   impressed   by   the  increase of population,     A      B C  territory, and wealth of the United states. D

749. Most beautiful of all was the river itself, sweeping grandly from the mountains to its  rest in A B C D Atlantic.

750. The seventeenth century was one in which many significant advances were taken in both science   A      B    C    D  

 and philosophy.

751. The biggest single hobby in America, the one  that Americans spend most time, energy and  money,

    A     B    C    D  is gardening.

752. Constructed in Chicago in 1883, the Home Insurance Building was the fist building  in the world

A  whose the floors and the exterior masonry walls were supported by a skeleton framework of  metal.   B     C                D

753. The columnist feels sure that who wins the election will have the support of both parties.


754. "A number of animals have already done their service for research, and they are ready to retire, "

 A      B  says Dr. Dani Bolognesi, chair of a National Research council committee that last  summer recommended

 creating sanctuaries for the retiring chimpanzees. C D

755. Nearly half of the research chimp in the United States are currently housed in the Coulston    A     B  Foundation's multipurpose research facility in Alamogordo, N.M.

  C    D

756. Friendly to every human who approached her, in 1988 poachers easily killed and skinned Lucy, the A B

world famous ASL-speaking chimpanzee, her hand feet taken trophies.   C D

757. The Maelstrom is a swift and danger current in the Arctic Ocean.        A   B      C  D 

758. Because oak trees are highly resistant of storm damage, they usually live a long time. A     B       C      D     

Answer 748.(C) 749.(D) 750.(D) 751.(C) 752.(B) 753..(B) 754.(B) 755.(B) 756.(D) 757.(C)  758.(C)

759. A majority of people in the United States can get all the calcium their bodies  _______ from the food they eat.  (A) require  (B) requires  (C) requiring  (D) to require

760. _______ usually thought to end in Northern New Mexico, the Rocky Mountains  really extend southward to the frontier of Mexico.  (A) Despite  (B) To be  (C) While  (D) However

761. The novelist Edith Wharton considered the writer Herry James ________  (A) a strong influence on her work (B) as strong influence on her work

762. won7 44  . wo tron?

 .  won somebody a Nobel Prize

763. "Grant7 3. "  r a t            somebodys  Indian affairs I  a chiefa c h e f a f ""   namen 44 me e f a f ?

764. Which of the following is not mentioned by the author as a mean by which various desert  plants are able to survive dry conditions?

765. Doctors took blood and fluid samples but could defect any known human flu virus. A B C D

766. The trouble started in Forth Dix, New Jersey, when several dozens army recruits came down  with            A            B                                     C  the flu and one died. D

767. The influenza virus infects us again and again, _______ . (A) however we fight off it many times (B) no matter how many times we fight it off (C) no matter what many times (D) we fight it off how many times

768. These strands of RNA come packed in a fatty membrane, which is studded with tiny protein spikes known H and  N antigens.

Answer. 759.(A) 760.(C) 761.(B) 764.(D) 765.(C) 766.(C) 767.(B) 768.(D) 

769. Tools and hand bones  excavated from  that the Swartkrans cave complex in South  Africa suggest

 A  that a close relative of early humans known as Australopithecus  may made and used primitive

    B  C             D  tools long before the species became extinct.

770. A distinctively America architecture began with Frank Lloyd Wright, who had taken to  heart the

A B admonition  that   form   should   follow   function,   and   who  thought of  building  not separate architectural    C                   D  entities but as parts of an organic whole that included the land, the community,  and the society.

771. There must be over 50,000 square kilometers of land to cover with ice for the glacier  to qualify as

     A            B          C  D  an ice sheet.

772. Any dome­like body of ice that also flows out in all directions only covers less  than 50,000 square       A    B    C  kilometers is called an ice cap                 D

773. Although ice caps are rare nowadays, there are a number in northeastern Canada, on Baffin Island,

A B C D and on the Queen Elizabeth Islands.          E

774. One form of mountain glacier that resembles an ice cap in that it flows outward in  several directions

  A        B       C  called an ice field.     D

775. The ice of valley glaciers. bounded by terrain, flows down valleys, curves around their corners, and

  A B    C  falls over cliffs. D

776. _______, Cameron had thought of both "The Abyss" and "True Lies" as love stories, but he know he'd failed to convey that. (A) Oddly heard it may sound (B) Maybe it was as odd as (C) Odd as it may sound (D) It may sound as odd

777. His cynical and often savage vision of life and love _______. (A) have won him a considerable critical acclaim (B) have won considerate critical acclaim (C) has won considerably critical acclaim to him (D) has won him considerable critical acclaim

778. After all, it was only the dinosaurs that have been disappeared, not the whole of animal life.        A                                B       C     D 

Answer. 769.(D) 770.(D) 771.(B) 772.(C) 773.(A) 774.(D) 775.(A) 776.(C) 777.(D) 778.(C)

779. During the flood of 1972, the Red Cross, _______ out of emergency headquarters  in Mississippi, set up temporary for the homeless.  (A) operates  (B) was operating  (C) operated  (D) operating

780. No form of money has ever proved completely  satisfied  in  terms  of  providing  a  stable measure of

     A        B   C     D  value.

781. In the United States  among  60 percent  of the space  on the pages of newspapers  is reserved for

   A B C  advertising. D

782. Emily Dickinson's garden was a place _______ great inspiration of her poems. (A) that she drew (B) by drawing her

(C) from which she drew (D) dream from which

783. Recently in the automobile industry, multinational companies have developed to the point where such A B

few cars can be described as having been made entirely in one country.      C           D

784.   Scientists   believe   that   by  altering  the   genetic   composition   of   plants   it   is  possible to develop

A  specimens that are resisting to disease and have increased food value. 

       B   C     D 

785. The purpose of traveler's checks is to protect travelers from theft and accidental  lost of money.

 A      B  C     D

786. As a result  claim  that eating a diet consisting  entirely of  organically  grown foods  prevents or cures

  A       B C  disease other benefits to health have become widely publicized and form the basis for  folklore.


787. In the beginning, the human beings viewed the natural forces of the world, even  the seasonal

changes, as   unpredictably, and they sought, through various means, to control these unknown  and feared 

 A   B C        D powers.

788. Financial problems loomed largely in both the North and the South.  A  B   C       D

789. One chromosome considered to be made up of one  very long DNA molecule  with protein  molecules

  A   B   C  attached along its length.     D

790. By the 1950', Mahalia Jackson's powerful, joyous gospel music style had gained  her _______. (A) of an international reputation (B) international reputation (C) reputation of internation (D) an international reputation

Answer.  779.(D) 780.(A) 781.(A) 782.(C) 783.(B) 784.(B) 785.(D) 786.(A) 787.(B) 788.(B) 789. (A) 790.(D)

791. Included  is  the cover he created for Life magazine's 60 the anniversary issue­ Marilyn Monree, composed of

              A       B  C    hundreds of old Life covers-and two commissions from Lucas of Darth Vader and Yoda, using stills from

    D the "Star Wars" trilogy.

792. For centuries the aromatic species of the Far East has been in demand by the people of  the East and Wast.

     A              B                             C          D

793. Although best known  for  her  prose   works,   Maya   Angelou  was also  published   several  collections of poetry.

                                 A                 B                                                         C  D   

794. Found by the Spanish as Yerba Buena in 1835, what is now San Francisco was taken over  by the U.S

        A                B                                                  C  in 1846 and later renamed it.                    D

Answer. 791. (B) 792. (C) 793. (C) 794. (D)

795. Gold and silver bullion served into commerce as mediums of extra exchange all over the world.                              A         B     C                                  D

796. Though the process of imitating, the young of a species rapidly learn to recognize and  follow other

       A                              B                  C members of own species.


797. Phoenix, Arizona, stands where the Hohokam, Indians built a canal system and carried on irrigated 

                       A                                        B              C farming before long the time of columbus.


798. Electric motors range in size from the tiny mechanisms that operate sewing machine to the  great engines

                    A                B                                 C       in heavy locomotives.          D

799. Even as he wrote  copiously on such  diverse topic  as education, politics, and religion, 

Lewis Munford                  A                         B                                  

remained active in city and regional planning.         C             D

Answer. 795 (A?) 796. (D?) 797. (D) 798. (C) 799. (B)

800. Instructors at the school of American Ballet first examine a young applicant's instep to see whether it is 

              A                                   B                              C  pliant and shows promising of a good arch.


801. The unit of measurement known as a "foot" has originally based on the average size of the  human foot.

                    A                       B                               C  D

802. A paragraph is a portion of a text consists of one or more sentences related to the same idea.          A                             B                     C       D    

803. Some types of instrument to apply paint has been known to painters since the Stone Age.                                A             B        C             D

804. Doctors often study film records of complex operations for improving their own knowledge and  skill.

            A                        B                    C                 D 

805. Most educators today consider  computer   literacy  being  a  necessary  addition   to   the  basic scholastic requirements.

                          A                    B       C                   D

Answer. 800. (D) 801. (B) 802. (B) 803. (A) 804. (C) 805. (B)

806. Anthropologists have interest in knowing what human beings looked when they first began to devise stone

                                           A                       B   C     tools of making pottery.


807. A sextant comprises an arc, marked in degrees, a movable arm with a mirror pivoted at the center,  and

                                A         B          C a telescope mount to the framework.


808.   As   inevitably   as  human culture  has  changed  with  the passing  of   time,   so  does  the  environment.

                         A             B            C                 D 

809. Earthworms improve soil by aerating it as they burrowing through the ground.                                A        B         C       D

810. At night the desert floor radiates heat back into the atmosphere and the temperature  may be drop to 

              A                                                       B  C           near freezing,


811. The age  of a geological sample  can be estimated  from the ratio of radioactive to  nonradioactive carbon 

         A                             B                                             present in the object is examined.

       C                    D

Answer. 806. (A) 807. (D) 808. (D) 809. (C) 810. (C) 811. (D)

812. Ancient people made a clay pottery because they needed it for their survival.                           A            B               C        D

813. Ancient people used pot they made for cooking, storing food, and carrying things from place to place.                         A     B           C                      D

814. The pottery was so important to early cultures that scientists now study it to learn  more about ancient 

         A                                B                                     C civilizations.


815. The more advanced the pottery in terms of decorations, materials, glazes, and manufacture, the more                            A                    B                C            D

advanced the culture itself.                      E

816. Good pottery clay must be free from all small stones and other hard material that would make the potting                                                                       A            B 

C   process difficult.           D

817. Plain wire is used to cut away the finished pot from its basis on the potter's wheel.         A            B      C                          D

Answer. 812. (A) 813. (A) 814. (A) 815. (B) 816. (A) 817. (D)

818. The Puritans, the religious sect that dominated the early British colonies in  North America, regarded  idleness

                                                                  A     as sin, and believed that life in an underdeveloped country made it absolutely necessary that each member

       B                                                             C            of the community perform an economic function.


819. The first such attempt the ambitious Project Mohole, got under way during the 1960's and  proved the value

                A                                             of deep-sea drilling by making several test holes in the mantle beneath the crust before spiral costs led to 

                                                                                    B  C its cancellation.


820. The gymnosperms were ........................ of water for reproductive purposes.

(A) independent to be the first plants

(B) the first independent plants to be

(C) the first plants to be independent

(D) to be the first independent plants

821. simple pressure gauges such as liquid-level manometers are .................. insensitive for use in vacuum works.

(A) too (B) so (C) than (D) enough

Answer. 818. (B) 819. (C) 820. (C) 821. (A)

822. A single infection can yield a diverse swarm of viral offsprings. A B C D

823. And if one of those offsprings sports an Hantigen that few hosts have ever encountered, it can  render

                        A             B                  C millions of people defenseless.


824. Suppose, for example, that  some variant  of  H3N2 virus  manages to slip past  half the antibodies that 

                                  A             B                           C would neutralize its past.


825. These seismic events apparently start when a single host is simultaneously infected with flu virus from 

                            A                  B                             C  

D  two different species,

826. Nestled along the shoreline of Hudso Bay .......................

(A) are several recently settled lnuit communities are there

(B) several recently settled lnuit communities are there

(C) near several recently settled lnuit communities

(D) is where several recently settled lnuit communities

827. '98 18 TOEFL a neighbor T a neighborhood a ?

Answer. 822. (D) 823. (A) 824. (B) 825. (B) 826. (A)

828. Even the best of drivers can have an accident if they are  tired and driving conditions are  bad.

             A                                      B    C        D

829. "What is the difference?" "This furniture is different from ......................."

(A) that book (B) yours (C) that one (D) that

830. Unlike the budgets of some countries, ..................... focuses chiefly on expenditure.

(A) that of the United States (C) those of the United States

(B) which the United States (D) the United States

831. Every spring trains of covered wagons rolled over the Oregon Trail to the promise of better life across

                                      A                                                             B  C      D the continent. 0

832. So when Whitman returned to the Pacific that year, over thousand settlers went with him.      A                              B               C         D                

833. Because of this great migration, England made an  agreement with  the  United States, and Oregon  became

                                               A                B  the American territory in 1846.

     C                  D

Answer. 828. (B) 829. (D) 830. (A) 831. (C) 832. (D) 833. (C)

834. The Canadian National Railway was built ..............................

(A) to link (B) linked (C) links (D) to be linked

835. Desert shrub also have tiny leaves that lost little moisture on a hot day.              A        B                C        D       

836. If Texas joined in the Union, therefore, Northerners felt that American slavery would be extended.                A                 B                   C                    D 

837. In famous experiment  conducted  at the University of Chicago in 1983, rats kept from  sleeping died after 

                            A                         B  C   two and a half weeks.


838. Driving while tired "is very similar to drive drunk," says Michael Bonnet, director of the sleep laboratory                                A                   B                                 C 

D at the Dayton V.A. Medical Center.


839. "Night workers have a hard time not pay attention to the 9­to­5day, because of noises or family                                        A                                 B        

obligations or that's the only time they can go to the dentist," says biologist Kennth Groth, who studies                                                               C

the circadian clock at Argonne National Laboratory in Lemont, Ill.                                                   D

Answer. 834. (A) 835. (A) 836. (A) 837. (A) 838. (C) 839. (A)

840. Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong was the most famous jazz musician of the day and won international  fame

                                      A                             B  both as a trumpet and as a singer.

       C        D

841. Many people sought to break away from rigid, conventional rules and traditions, just as jazz trumpeters                                  A                                B      

and saxophonist departed from written notes in order to express them.                           C                                     D

842. Comparative anatomists have been recently  shown that man's vocal apparatus is  in several respect simpler

                                 A                                                B 

C than the great ape's.


843. The rocks of the crust are  composed mostly  of  mineral  with light elements, like  aluminum and sodium, 

                                    A             B  while the mantle contains some heavier elements, like iron and magnesium.

      C                                 D

844. A specimen is a single plant, animal, rock, etc, which is an example of a particular species, or type and

         A           B                                                       C  is examined or analysed by scientist.                            D

Answer. 840. (D) 841. (D) 842. (B) 843. (B) 844. (D)

845. The government exploited their labor while denying ......................

(A) their social equalities (C) social equalities of theirs

(B) them social equality (D) that they have social equalities

846. MRIs show that one region of cerebellum is smaller in an autistic brain than in a normal one.                 A                   B                     C           D

847. Just as mental illness have less severe "shadow" versions, ..........................

(A) a developmental disorder, so does an autism

(C) so did an autism, a developmental disorder

(B) than does autism, a developmental disorder

(D) so does autism, a developmental disorder

848. Through  the   years,   scientists  have developed  smaller   but  increasingly  more   powerful  batteries for the 

       A                             B                      C  growing number of portable electrical device.


849. British entry into the European Community was the culmination of a long commitment of EU.

      A         B                                           C                   D 

850. More than 80 percent of labors at the construction site are temporary workers.         A                   B                        C      D

851. There exists  more than  2,600 different varieties of palm trees, with  varying  flowers, 

leaves, and fruits.              A      B                                             C  


852. Her best-known role of Judy Garland was as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.      A      B      C                      D

853. Nutritionists recommend that foods from each of the four basic groups be eaten on a regularly daily basis.

                   A                                                 B           C  D

854. The Kentucky Derby .......................... every may at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.

(A) to be run (B) run (C) it may be run (D) is run

855. The javelin used in competition must be between 260 and 270 centimeters ......................

(A) in length (B) it is long (C) its length (D) length

856. ........... peaches are classified as freestones or clingstone depends on how difficult it is to remove the pit.

(A) The 1 (B) About (C) Whether (D) Scientifically

Answer. 845. (B) 846. (B) 847. (D) 848. (D) 849. (C) 850. (B) 851. (A) 852. (A) 853. (C) 854. (D) 855. (A) 856. (C)

857. Astronomers do not know how many galaxies there are, but it is thought that there is millions or                                  A                B                         C 

D perhaps billions.

858. The amino acids serve as the building block of protains.      A               B   C             D      

859. The differing curricular at the community colleges in Kent County reflect the fact that  the student population

           A                                                   B  at each sites is not consistent.

             C            D

860. Among Thomas Jefferson's many accomplishment was his work to establish the University of  Virginia.

       A                                 B            C            D

861. From 1785 to 1990, the capital of the U.S is located in New York city.                A       B   C             D

862. Many Civil War battles were fought in Virginia than in any other state.       A                      B                           C   D

863. Scientists stress that the overall warming trend of the last decade holds much more significance .............. single year's temperatures.

(A) any do (B) than do any (C) than any do (D) do than

864. When .................. impulses from many of the neurons in one part of the brain, an epileptic seizure occurs.

(A) the simultaneous bursts (B) simultaneously burst

(C) there are simultaneous bursts of (D) simultaneously bursting

865. The human body has four jugular veins, ..................... each side of the neck.

(A) there are two on (B) it has two on (C) two are on (D) two on

866. Aspiria is used ................... a construction of the bleed vessels.

(A) the counteraction (B) to counteract (C) counteract (D) counteracting

867. An alligator is an animal somewhat like a crocodile, but with a breed, flatten snout.                      A         B                    C                D

868. Drying of meats and vegetables is no longer considered one of .................... of preserving food.

(A) the ways are useful (B) useful ways

(C) the most useful ways (D) most are useful ways

869. The sea mammal meduoa is popularly called a jellyfish because it ................... jelly.

(A) looks rather like (B) looks like rather

(C) likes looking rather (D) rather likes looking

870. Therapists are currently using mental imagery in the hope that it might prove ................. in the treatment of cancer.

(A) helpful (B) for help (C) helpfully (D) with the help

Answer. 857. (C) 858. (D) 859. (C) 860. (B) 861. (A) 862. (B) 863. (C) 864. (D) 865. (B) 866. (D) 867. (C) 868. (A) 869. (A) 870. (C)

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