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Đ   H   C SINH GI   I VÒNG T NH 2008-2009 Ề   Ọ Ỏ Ỉ SECTION 1: LISTENING I. Listen to the dialogue between Joyce and a woman and then fill in the each blank with ONE word. You will hear the recording two times. W: So tell me about your (1) _______________, Joyce. J: Well, it’s really small town. W: What is it like there? J: Oh, I think it’s very (2) _______________ place. W: Really? Why? J: Well, there is nothing to do. No good (3) _______________. No nightlife of any kind. W: Uh, that’s too bad. But small towns are pretty (4) _______________ to live in. J: Well, yeah, it is (5) _______________ cheap. And lots of people love it because it’s very (6) _______________. W: Yeah? J: Uh-huh. It has great (7) _______________- lots of mountains and rivers, lakes, trees… W: Well, I don’t know, Joyce. It (8) _______________ like a lovely place! J: Well, yeah, if you like to go hiking in the summer and (9) _______________ in the winter. But, you know, I’m not the (10) _______________ type! I’m a real city person.
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