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I. Objectives: By the end of the lesson , ps will be able to:
- To pronounce some sounds correctly such as: / fl/ ,/Өr/ ,/fr/
- How to use some pronouns: one(s), someone , noone, anyone, everyone
II. Method and Tecniques
-Communicative approach, Integrated, mainly communicative
-Matching ,role play, discussion, work group, pair work,
III. Teaching aids
+ Teaching aids :Blackboard, chalk, worksheets
Textbook, posters text book, handout, poster., real object
IV. procedures:
Teacher’s activities
Students’ activities
1. Listen and repeat
- T asks Ss to listen to the 3 sounds and
the words having them on the cassette
- T reads the words again and asks Ss to
repeat word by word
- T helps Ss to recognize these sounds
in the words
2. Practice the sentences:
Calls some pairs to read the dialogue
Ss listen and try to distinguish these
- Ss listen carefully
- Ss listen and repeat
- Ss practice in pairs ( page 97/ text
LIÊN HỆ QUẢNG CÁO 0906.345.800
T explains the use of “someone,
everyone, anyone, no one
Someone, anyone, no one and
everyone are singular words
We often use someone and everyone
in positive sentences; anyone in
negative sentences and questions.
Ex: Someone wants to see you.
Is anyone there?
After no one we often use positive
verbs and they/ them/ their.
- T guides Ss to do two exercises in the
textbook and help them if necessary
T explains the use of one(s)
- We can use one instead of repeating a
singular countable noun
when it is clear from the context what
we are talking about:
- Ones can be used instead of repeating
a plural noun:
Ex: Is this your umbrella?- No, mine’s
1. someone, everyone, anyone, no
Ex: - Nobody phoned, did they? (=
did he or she)
- No one in the class did their
homework. (= his or her homework)
- Ss copy down in their notebooks.
- Ss work in pairs
Exercise 1: Complete the sentences,
using someone, everyone, anyone,
or no one. Use each word twice.
1. anyone 2. Someone
3. anyone 4. someone
5. no one 6. everyone
7. no one
Listen and copy down
LIÊN HỆ QUẢNG CÁO 0906.345.800
the big blue
.(= umbrella)
Ex: I think his best poems are his early
ones. (= poems)
- We don’t use one(s) instead of an
uncountable noun:
Ex: If you need any more paper, I’ll
bring you some. (not…one/ones)
- T guides Ss to do exercise 2
Calls ss to read aloud the answers
- T guides Ss to do exercise 3; how to
Exercise 2: Rewrite the sentences,
using the pronoun one(s)
Work indvidually then compare the
answers with a partner.
1. Of the three bags I like the blue
2. Mai is making a fruit cake, Huong
is making one, too.
3. I like reading books, especially
the ones about the natural world.
4. I don’t have a computer, and my
father doesn’t want me to have one.
5. They let me choose a pencil, and I
took the red one.
6. There are several celebrations in
Vietnam, but perhaps the most
meaningful one is Tet.
7. We told each other both happy
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