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Tài liệu tham khảo giáo án tiếng anh THCS - tiếng anh lớp 6. Tr ng THCS Th Diên GV: Chung Th oườ ọ ị Đạ Date: 15/08/2010 Period. 1 Introduce the lesson . 1. Objectives: a. Knowledge : Tell Ss how to learn English 6 and methods to learn b. Skill: Ss know how to learn English c. Behavior : After lesson Ss can apprehend ways to learn English 2. Preparation: a. T : Syllabus, Teaching aids. b. Ss: . Learning aids. 3 . Procedure : a . Oral test: * Warm up: (5’) Greetings. T: Ask some questions. - What’s your name? - How old are you? - Where are you from? - Do you like to learn English? b. New lesson : (35’) T tell how to learn English Consists of 16 units and each unit consit of many sections devide in many period such as: You and me; Education; Community; Health; Recreation; The world around us. After three unit has grammar practice apply for doing exercise * Work book: It’s useful and good for you, it usually goes long with the text book, do all the exercises each lesson or each unit * Note book: It use for writing the important target language items (vocabulary, grammar, structure …..) Write clearly and scientifically * Some other school things : Pen, pencil, ruler, eraser * Activities in class: - pay attention to the T’s explanation - follow the T’s requirements - Keep silent and involve in all the activities when the T requires * Work at home: - Learn by heat vocabulary, grammar, structure, practice reading, writing, speaking, listening, do the exercises in the work book 1 Tr ng THCS Th Diên GV: Chung Th oườ ọ ị Đạ c. summery : (3’) d . Homework : (2’) Prepare for new lesson …………………………………………………………. Date of planning: 22/8/2009 Date of teaching: 6a:26/8/2009 6b: 28/8/2009 ...
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