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What is the marketing mixWhat is the marketing mix? Some key points to successful marketing. What is the marketing mix? What is the marketing mix? Some key points to Some key points to successful marketing.successful marketing. Student: Nguyen Thi Toan Class: TAN202.24_LT Instructor: Ms.Ngoc Ha I. Marketing mixFactors influence to the success of a product Source: Economic T imes brand name quality marketing 70% 20%10% I. Marketing mix 1.1 Product - Satisfy the need and demand of customers - Design and produce depend on: - aims of product - benefit that the company expect - position that they plan within the market - the differential advantages that the product offer over competitors’ • Cost to : produce, design, distribute, promote product • Take into account of factors: a fixed and variable cost, competition, company objectives, proposes positioning…1.2. Price 1.3. Place • - Located where products are offered to the end customers • Distribute the product to the user at the right time in right place 1.4. Promotion • - Push up offering and selling, makes revenue increase, the business undertaking more efficient. • - Consists of advertising, personal selling, direct mail and Internet marketing Example • Marketing mix of Manchester United II. Key points to successful marketing • Who will buy this product, Why they want to buy it? • How much are the customers willing to pay for this product • How can business persuade the customer buy their product? II. Key points to successful marketing • 1. Research market carefully • - Understand deeply about customers’ needs and behaviors. • - Offer suitable product or service to customers II. Keys points to successful marketing 2.2 Create a suitable price 2.3 Distribute your prestige - Create brand name of company - Offer good product - Take care of customers - Having good guarantee Conclusion COMUNICATE EXCHANGE CREATE DELIVER
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