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Tài liệu tham khảo dành cho giáo viên, học sinh THPT chuyên môn tiếng anh - Bài tập tiếng anh giúp nâng cao kiến thức và kỹ năng đánh trắc nghiệm. UNIT 1: A DAY IN THE LIFE OF…… I. Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest. 1. A. cont i nue B. phys i cs C. sp i lt D. l i ke 2. A. t ea cher B. b ea t C. br ea kfast D. ea ting 3. A. pass e nger B. s e veral C. b e gin D. r e pair 4. A. m ee ting B. w ee kly C. engin ee r D. fr ee 5. A. r ea lize B. p ea C. ch ee se D. asl ee p II. Choose a word in each line that has different street pattern. 1. A alternative B. announce C. absolute D. arrive 2. A. brigade B. harrow C. normal D. peasant 3. A. typical B. continue C. tobacco` D. appointment 4. A. interesting B. satisfy C. afternoon D. conclusion 5. A. repeat B. frequency C. occasionally D. immediately III. Choose the best answer for each of the following sentences. 1. I was late for school this morning because my alarm clock didn’t…………… a. go on b. go off c. go away d. go up 2. Another word for fasten is_____. a. frighten b. loosen c. lengthen d. tighten 3. I was born and grew up on the _____of the Red River. a. shops b. restaurants c. offices d. banks 4. Mr. Lam goes to work on foot once a week. It means he___ walks to work. a. never b. sometimes c. often d. usually 5. My aunt is _____teacher. a. history b. historic c. historical d. historian 6. “___ do you get to school?” – “By bike”. a. What b. How c. How often d. How far 7. When I was a child, I usually ______fishing with my brother. a. go b. went c. gone d. use to go 8. We ____dinner at home on Saturdays. a. haven’t had b. didn’t had c. aren’t have d. don’t have 9. Are you contented ____your present job, Mrs. Tuyet? a. to b. with c. for d. in 10. We seldom see each other anymore. a. sometimes b. occasionally c. frequently d. rarely 11. She purchased a number of shares in the company. a. invested b. sold c. exchanged d. bought 12. We had a nice chat over a cup of tea. a. formal talk b. informal talk c. serious talk d. long talk 13. It was a difficult time, but we never gave up hope. a. stopped b. continued c. had d. offered 14. I’ll see him when he ___here tomorrow. a. comes b. will come c. has come d. had come A: What do you usually do on your day off? B: (15) ________ A: Do you get much exercise? B: (16) _______ 15. a. I usually drive to work. b. I will sleep all day. c. I usually don’t much. d. Nothing much. I alwaysleep until noon. 16. a. I usually do b. Yes, I do c. How about you? d. Very often. 1 IV. Choose one sentences a, b, c, or d which is best written from the words and phrases provided. 1. I/ came/ neighbors/ coffee/ sometimes/ see/ for /cup/ to/ a/ my/ of. a. I came sometimes to see my neighbors for a cup of coffee. b. My neighbors sometimes came to see I for a cup of coffee. c. Sometimes I came to see my neighbors for a cup of coffee. d. To see my neighbors I sometimes came for a cup of coffee. 2. shall/ forget/ dreadful/ life/ my/ I / never/ day/ in/ that. a. I shall never forget that dreadful day in my life. b. I never shall forget that day dreadful in my life. c. In my life I shall never forget that dreadful day. d. That dreadful day in my life shall I never forget. 3. got up/ 6 o’clock/ woke up/I / early/ and/ at. a. I woke up at 6 o’clock early and got up. b. I got up at 6 o’clock and woke up early. c. I got up and woke up early at 6 o’clock. d. I woke up early and got up at 6 o’clock. 4. often/ do/ afternoon/ what/ you/ do/ Saturday/ every/ ? a. What often do you do every Saturday afternoon? b. What do you often do every Saturday afternoon? c. What do you do often every Saturday afternoon? d. What do you often do every afternoon Saturday? 5. witnessed/ accident/ home/ I / an/ on/ way/ the. a. Yesterday an accident I witnessed on the way home. b. Yesterday on an way home I witnessed the accident. c. Yesterday I witnessed an accident on the way home. d. Yesterday I on the way home witnessed an accident. V. Choose one sentence that has nearest meaning to the root one. 1. It takes Mr. Vy 15 minutes to get to the field. a. Mr. Vy leaves the house at a quarter to live and arrives in the field at 5.30. b. Mr. Vy spends fifteen minutes getting to the field. c. Fifteen minutes is long enough for Mr. Vy to get to the field. d. Mr. Vy wastes 15 minutes on the way to the field. 2. Although they have little money, they are happy. a. They have little money so they are happy. b. They don’t have much money and they aren’t happy. c. They are happy in spite of not having much money. d. Their happiness is due to the fact that they have little money. 3. I prefer going by cyclo to cycling. a. I’d rather go by cyclo than by bicycle. b. I like cycling more than going by cyclo. c. I don’t care going by cyclo or cycling. d. I like going by cyclo as much as cycling. 4. Can you tell me when you were born? a. Please give me your place of birth. b. Can I have your name and address, please? c. Can you tell me about your last birthday? d. I want to know your date of birth. 5. My brother always drives to work. a. My brother always goes to work in my car. b. My brother always gets to work by car. c. My brother always repairs cars at work. d. My brother’s driver is always ...
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