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Ngày đăng: 2012-09-22 11:49:01
1 Unit 13. THE 22nd SEA GAMES Writing. I) Aims: Describing a Sporting event (a football match) II) Teaching aids: teacher’s book, text book III) Stage: Time Contents Teacher’s activities Ss’ act 5’ I) Warm up: “Hat magic” This is a kind of Sport that is well-known in the world - Gives the introduction to play this game. - Divides class into 2 proups - Asks students to guess the name of the Sport - Shows the picture of a football team and asks “who are they?”- How many people are there in a football team? - To have a match what must we do? - listen - A B - Guess - Answer (footballers) - Answer (eleven) - Answer 5’ II) Pre – writing * Task 1: Arrange these questions in the suitable sections A) Introduction 4. 7. 3. B) Details of the match 6. 1. 8. 9. 10. C) Conclusion - Have you ever seen football match? - How is the football match process? - Asks students to work in groups of four - Writes these questions in the cards and gives each group a card. - Asks students to discuss in groups and decide section - Checks (invite another team, give reason, time, place …) - Answer - Answer - Group work - receive - Discuss and stick in the section that they think it suitable - take note. 10’ 15’ 8’ 2. 5. * Task 2: Ask and answer the above questions * Useful language III) While writing: * Task 3: Write a description of the football match mentioned above. IV) Post – writing: - Asks students to work in proups of three. (talk about the match you saw) - Goes around for helping - Calls one of these groups to go to the board and write the anwers. - Checks - Helps students to understand clearly about meaning of these words or phrase of words - Asks students to write individually. Using the answers and language in the - work group - One asks, one answers and one takes note - write on the board - take note - listen and ask 2’ V). Homework: - Rewrite the description of the football match at home - Prepare langguage focus. box, or in task 3 - receives the writing. - exchanges the writing each other to correct - Gives the explaination to correct + Ideas + Contents + Grammar + Spellings - Asks students to rewrite the description and prepare language focus - Individual student writes - Give the writing - receive the writing to correct - Correct - listen and take note
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