Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11: UNIT 1: FRIENDSHIP-SPEAKING

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Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 11 chuẩn rất có ích cho các bậc phụ huynh, giáo viên và các em học sinh tham khảo UNIT 1: Period:3 B- SPEAKING I. Objectives: By the end of the lesson , ps will be able to: - describe physical characteristic and personalities of a person - talk about the famous friend II. Language focus *Vocabulary :oval, straight, ponytail, curly, quick-witted ,crooked, good -natured *Grammar: the simple present, Wh-question *Skills: 4 skills, especially : speaking III. Method and teaching aids: -Communicative approach -Textbook, picturescards, poster * Techniques Role -play, ask and answer, matching , describing * Anticipated problems: Ss may not have enough vocabulary to talk about the topic, so T should be ready to provide help. IV. Procedures: A. Warm up: and check-up (5 minutes) -T calls one or two sts to go to bb and answer the qs 1.Which qualities are mentioned in the reading text to be a good friend? 2.Do you have many friends? 3.Do you have any closed friend ?How is she or he like? B. NEW LESSON: T’ACTIVITIES STS’ACTIVITIES Pre-speaking (8 minutes) T divides the class into small groups of 3 or 4 students. Asks ss to match the right questions to the right answers -T gives handouts to sts These are the questions to describe physical characteristic of a person T asks them to read Useful language on page 16. T may ask if Ss know the meanings of the adjectives provided. T elicits or teaches some words: *Vocabulary: useful language: - height: tall, medium, short, rather short, too tall - Face: square, large, oval, round, *)Matching: -sts work in goups and choose the qs with the ans 1.What is she like? a.. She is fine. 2.what does she look like? b. Pretty and easy-going 3.How is she? c.tall and beautiful - Skin: white, pale, suntanned (r¸m n¾ng), greasy skin (da nhên) General appearance: beautiful long high, - Forehead: broad, high, low - Nose:straight, long, flat, crooked (kho»m), turned-up (hếch), big, small, flat (tẹt) - Hair: black, grey, thin, long, wavy, brown, bald - Eyes: green, blue, brown, gray - Mouth: heart-shaped, wide, thin, full - Chin: pointed chin, double chin While-speaking (24 minutes) 1. Task 1: - Asks ss to look at the picture and asks. How many people are there in the picture? (women), handsome (men), pretty (women / girls), good-looking (men and women), plain (b×nh th­êng) attractive, well-dressed, Age: She was in her late teens (18, 19 tuæi) / he was in his early twenties (21 - 23 tuæi) / she was about thirty years old / a middle- aged woman / a man in his sixties (kho¶ng 60 tuæi) -Characters: easy-going (v« t­), friendly, hard-working, honest, kind, patient, intelligent, polite, sincere (ch©n thµnh), sympathy. Can you guess the age of each them? Now let describe their physical charateristic Calls some Ss to present their answers. T checks and gives the feedback Ss to work in pairs to describe the people in the picture -sts: report to the whole class Suggested answers: 1. The boy is about 16 years old. He may be shortsighted because he’s a wearing a pair of glasses. He has short black hair, a round face with a broad forehead, a small nose, thin lips and a small chin. He’s quite good-looking. 2. The girl is about 14. She’s also wearing a pair of glasses. She has shoulder-length black hair, and she’s wearing a ribbon. She has an oval face with a straight nose, full lips and a pointed chin. She’s quite 2.Task2: Asks ss to discuss and number the personalities in order of importance in friendship and pretty. 3. The man is in his forties. He’s tall and well-built. He has short brown hair and a square face with a broad forehead, small eyes, a crooked nose and thin lips. He‘s quite good-looking. 4. The woman is in her twenties. She’s quite tall and slim. She has long curly brown hair and an oval face with broad forehead, big eyes, a straight nose, heart-shaped lips and a small ...
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