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Ngày đăng: 2012-11-08 08:55:42
1 Period: Date: Unit 5: Higher education (Reading) * Aim: To help sts to practice reading skill. * Objective: By the end of the lesson, students know more about the first impressions of university life. * Teaching aids: Textbook, picture, posters Time Contents Teacher’s activities Students’ activities * Warm up: Guessing word H I G H E R E D U C A T I O N - Divide class in to 2 groups. - Explain how to this game - play game * Vocabulary  applicant (n): người xin học  application from (n): đơn xin học  blame (v): đổ lỗi  daunt (v): làm nản long  mate (n): bạn bè  scary (v): sợ hãi  undergraduate course: khóa học đại học - Using different ways to introduce these new words - Ask sts to take note - Give the meaning - Copy down the new words * Rub out remember - Call some sts to check them - Give out the new words Task 1: Complete the following sentences, using the right forms of word in the box. campus blame scary challenge amazing 1. The new library was built in the centre of the _______ 2. They ______ the rise in oil prices for the big increase in inflation. 3. That’s the ______ story I’ve ever heard. 4. Intelligent boys like to study something if it really ______ them. 5. The new car goes at an _______ speed. Key: 1. campus 2. blame 3. scariest 4. challenge 5. amazing - Ask sts to read carefully these sentences - Find suitable word to fill in the blanks - read carefully and do exercise - compare the results with their friends Task 2: Find out who: (SGK) a. attended a ............. b. didn’t get .............. c. was not ................. - Ask sts to word in pairs do task 2 - Pair work d. liked ..................... e. was very ............... f. enjoyed ................. Key: Sarah: 1. a 2. e Ellen: 3. b 4. c Brenden: 5. d 6. f Task 3: Answer the following questions  Lucky number 1. What this Sarah do on the first weekend? 2. Why did Sarah feel so lonely at the party? 3. What problems did Ellen have with her roommate? 4. What this Brenden think about his first year at college? 5. What doses the social calendars of the colleges provide him? Key: - Ask sts to answer these questions - Correct - Answer - Correct & copy down in their books. 1. She went out with her new friends, walking around campus. 2. Because at her party everyone was busy playing some game and no one seemed to notice her. 3. Her roommate left the window open when it was cold outside. She went to bed early. She blamed Ellen for making her sick. 4. Breden though the first year at college was the best and most challenging of his life. 5. It provides him plenty of opportunities to meet non engineering student as well as other engineers and many of them have become his best friends. Homework: - Learn the lesson - Prepare spkeaking
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